Audience Essay Topics

The Road Home

The Road Home catches the senses of the audience through spectacle and thrill as the inspiring love affair in the recent past is reminisced with profound exaltation of the Chinese tradition and the exotic settings and style of presentation. The movie conveys the importance of experiences in the village life and the dedicated teachers in… View Article

Beer Commerical

When you cork off the top of a Guinness beer you inhale the smell of unroasted malted Marley. The smell and taste you experience gives you sense of satisfaction. The video persuades you that the types of individuals that drink this beer are ones who care and respect others. Individuals that believe that “The choices… View Article

Performance – Dance

Content: the performance we saw was a very simple setting with surprising contemporary dancing. It was a group of 6 dancers but 7 including the choreographer. Some very impressionable moments were when they would do the lifts and floor work all together I felt it was very strong and interesting. Interpretation\connection: three important things I… View Article

Charlotte’s Web Paper

Charlotte’s Web is a magnificent children novel written by an American author E.B.White about a friendship between a spider and a pig. This story then became very famous and won several awards so it is decided that to produce a film based on the Charlotte’s Web story. Although the film and the book had a… View Article

Modern Audience

“It is impossible for a modern audience to feel comfortable with the Taming of The Shrew” with close reference to Shakespeare’s presentation of Katharina, comic conventions and having the above question in mind, write about your response to the ending of the play… In my opinion, The Taming of The Shrew tells the story of… View Article

Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release

On August 5, 2010, The Chilean Copper mine collapse with 33 workers confined in a 2,257 feet hole, which was the size of a mini studio apartment ( news services, 2010). Their families, friends, and co-workers were worried frantically about their safety, and not being able to reach the miners left everyone at unease. The… View Article

Steps on How O Prepare Seminar Workshop

Conducting a successful seminar workshop requires a great deal of preparation and confidence. It’s important to follow a step-by-step blueprint to successfully conduct workshops, from the preparation stage to the final evaluation. 1. Select your presentation topic based on your expertise and goals and on the needs of your target audience. Research your subject thoroughly…. View Article

The Exceptional Presenter

With various stories, examples, bullet points, exercises, performance tracking, note pages and practice charts, the author, Timothy J. Koegel, provides the guidelines and suggestions for us to present ourselves and our ideas at an exceptional level, to any audience, in any venue. Different kinds of skills, techniques and strategies are illustrated in the book and… View Article

Constitutional Development

News has been defined differently by different experts. Some of the definitions are given below: 1. News is anything out of the ordinary 2. News is the unusual picture of life. 3. News is anything that people talk about; the more it excites the greater its value. , 4. News comprises all current activities which… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis on Ads in Magazines

Magazines are gaining in popularity nowadays as a tool not only to provide information, but also to advertise ads on products that are available on the market. Since magazines gain readers with different kinds of interest, what are the rhetorical strategies used by advertisers to market similar products to different target audiences of similar culture?… View Article

Effective Speakers

President William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States is a prime example of what it means to be an effective speaker. Although George H. W. Bush and Bob Dole were highly qualified opponents in the 1992 and 1996 elections, it was Clinton’s presentation skills and ability to work an audience that earned… View Article

Notes on Jaws

Characters in the film Chrissie, the first victim is different to everyone else because she almost deserved the attack because it was her own fault. She was drunk at a party and about to have sex with a random guy who she didn’t even know the name of. The boyd was ringing which indicated the… View Article

Particular audience

It is confidence building to remember that all experts were at one time students and entry-level members in their career fields. With this in mind it will help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety you might feel when you first make contact with them. There are many possible avenues to locating and interviewing… View Article

Xcom/285 Essentials of Managerial Communication

This class has educated me in numerous useful resources which I may use in my future. However, I think that the biggest point that I have to take away from this course is that communications is not only chatting. Communications is a mixture of hearing and writing too. It is necessary in business communications to… View Article

Blood Brothers Theatre Review

We visited the Phoenix Theatre on the fourth of October and when we the play started I was drawn to the actual setting of the stage; firstly contrast in the set and how it represented the two side’s class divide. Mrs Johnstone’s huge family all cramped up in the small, crumbling, graffiti covered terraced council… View Article

Children of Men Film

Children of Men is a thought provoking film directed by Alfonso Cuaron which explored the possibility of hope in the face of overwhelming despair. The film has a fearful, chaotic mood within the setting of a dystopian world in London 2027. Visual and verbal techniques such as camera techniques, diegetic and non-diegetic sound, and symbolism… View Article

Knowing your Audience Paper and Communication Release

When a company needs to pass information to another organization or a group of people it is very important that the company knows their audience. If the information is regarding a disaster, it is even more important to make sure the company knows their audience. One example of a company needing to know their audience… View Article

Dealing with Difficult Clients and Opposing

The State Bar of California and the Office of Section Education and Meeting Services are approved State Bar of California MCLE providers. Points of view or opinions expressed in these pages are those of the speaker(s) and/or author(s). They have not been adopted or endorsed by the State Bar of California’s Board of Governors and… View Article

Response to Journeys End

In the novel Stanhope has the most physical status, not just because of his rank but also because people look up to him. Stanhope may rank the social hierarchy level amongst his fellow comrades but inside he is emotionally distraught, he does not show this and somehow stays head strong, on the other hand there… View Article

Different Interpretations of Taming of the Shrew

Since there are so many different adaptations of Taming of the Shrew, there are quite a lot of differences when you see it, then when you read it. Especially when you try to imagine the Wooing Scene, in Act 2 Scene 1. Here are a few main differences I noticed in two of the different… View Article

Comparing Macbeth and Frankenstein

Both Macbeth and Frankenstein are powerful, ambitious characters. However, they have very different ambitions and desires. Macbeth’s ambition is to become king by committing murder whereas Frankenstein’s is to create life. For example “I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation.” -Victor Frankenstein, chapter… View Article

Good and Bad public speakers

Martin Luther King achieved equality between black and white people. He was born in 1929 and died in 1968. I think that Martin Luther King is a good speaker because he is confident. This makes people more interested in what he is saying since they believe in him. The fact that Martin Luther King has… View Article

Audience analysis

1. Identify several controversial issues debated in your workplace, community or on campus. -The issue of the legitimacy of homosexual marriage is certainly on people’s minds.  It relates to questions of personal liberty and civic requirements imposed by the state, the right to choose, as well as fundamental issues related to marriage as an institution…. View Article

Mary Oliver Rhetorical Analysis

The jellyfish, a dangerously stunning underwater creature, can adequately symbolize the phenomenon that is nature. Nobody denies the “medusa” of its attractive features, such as, its dazzling pink color, elegant frame, and most important, its transparent body that displays running electricity. However, touch it underwater and experience the wrath of its devious abilities. Its colorful… View Article

What Is the Role of Social Media in Crisis Communication

Abstract This paper discusses the role of social media on crisis communication. Social media is the shared interaction between human communications. Social media has had a profound effect over the past several years, and has greatly changed crisis communication. It has made crisis communication more efficient and made it on a wider scale. This paper… View Article

Curley’s Wife: Floozy or Innocent Girl?

Curley’s wife is a young, pretty woman, who is mistrusted by her husband, Curley. The other characters refer to her only as ‘Curley’s wife,’ which is significant as she is the only character in the novel without a name. She is a simple object or possession belonging to her husband and this shows the severity… View Article

Whose Life Is It Anyway

Freedom of personal choice is an issue that in many instances is taken for granted in contemporary society. However when considered fully it would appear that in many cases freedom of personal choice is relegated to those who conform to the expected conventions of mainstream society. That is to say a person has freedom of… View Article

Postmodern Frame Essay – Text in Art

The use of text within to the visual arts can be traced back as far as the inscribed carvings found on cave walls created by the Indigenous population of Australia approximately 46000 years ago. However, over the past few years, the use of text in art, also known as the art of typography, has become… View Article

Turkish & Foreign Content on Pakistani Channels

What is Drama? Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling. Drama is an essential form of behavior in all cultures, it is a fundamental human activity. A high degree of thinking, feeling and moving is involved and subsequently aids in the development of skills for all other learning within and outside… View Article

Observation and Reflection

Observation My partner, Jude, and I were partners and we decided to observe the volleyball game at the gym. While watching the game, there was a group of PNUan girls that caught my attention. So I decided to let them be the subject of my observation. That group of girls was really wild and loud… View Article