Attitude Is Everything - I Wish I Hadn't Said Those Hurtful Words Essay

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Zia was the kind of girl you love to hate. She proved to be a very good friend. She was always in a good mood and always had something positive to say. When someone would ask her how she was doing, she would reply, “If I were any better, I would be twins! ” She was a unique person because she as always positive I can clearly remember that day when my exam results were out. Me and Zia went to school together to get my results.

My heart pounded as we neared the school. Zia started talking and whatever i said she answered me in a positive me.

The way she talked gave a new level of confidence and i was assured in my heart that i would be able to achieve the mark that i desired in my heart. As we talked and kept walking, her positive talk kept on boosting my confidence. We entered the school compound and went to the office to get the result.

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As soon as i saw my result my face turned pale. I deviated by minus ten marks. I was so hurt and angry that i told Zia that her talks are just nonsense and a liar like her did not deserved to be called my friend. After saying that i broke our six years of friendship. When i reached home i was in tears when suddenly the phone rang.

I was informed that i got the wrong results as i had another girl having same name as mine in our grade.

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After inquiring i found out that i got my desired mark. I straight away called Zia and told her the good news and said how sorry i was for being rude. I was forgiven but still my heart sank because i tried to break a great bond with my friend. “How i wish i hadn’t said those hurtful words” to her in the first place. People like Zia are not so common in this materialistic society. People start having negative thoughts as they come across something that is not in favour of them. Attitude is everything as it shows path to people

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Attitude Is Everything - I Wish I Hadn't Said Those Hurtful Words Essay

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