Argument Between Parents And Children Essay

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Argument Between Parents And Children

Arguments between parents and children has existed for as long as we can remember. When I was a child my mother decided everything I was going to do: the clothes I wore, the food I ate, even the boys I chose to talk to. This is a good thing, kids need this kind of protection because they aren’t mature enough to take care of themselves and make careful decisions on their own, but eventually kids grow up and become teens and part of being a teen is developing our own identities. As a teen I didn’t have much say so on my life, but one day I decided that Jenniece was going to do what she wanted to do even if it wasn’t what she was supposed to do.

One morning I was supposed to go to school but I woke up and decided to go and hang out with my friends since it is the last day of the school week. So I got up and pretended that I was getting ready for school. Once I was finished I got my things and left home. I called my parents , who stayed at home from work that day to look after something of interest for the family. I let them know that I was on my way to school (which I wasn’t )and I would be home when my class was over.

Instead of going to school my friends and I decided that we would go hangout at her house for the day. For about three hours my friends and I rode around with our bikes in he neighborhood having fun. My friend Ariel thought that doing that was getting boring so she decided that we would go to the malls so we all hopped in the back of her car. After driving around for some time we couldn’t find anything to do so Julliann ( one of my friends )decided to call her boyfriend so that we could go to his house and relax for the rest of the day. Still I hadn’t called home to let my parents know where I was or where I had been all day or when I would be coming home.

Meanwhile Ariel ,Jullian and some of my other friends and I sat around laughing and joking, having a good time. Five hours after I left home, my phone began to ring , and it was my mother so I didn’t answer. She continued to call for about twenty minutes or so and I still continued to ignore the phone calls from my mom. It was getting late past the time I was supposed to be at home. I sat there and realized not only that what I was doing was wrong but it was also being disobedient to my parent, Without giving it a second thought I told my friends that I was leaving because it was getting late. They all tried to make me stay some longer, I wanted to but it felt so wrong, so I started to run as fast as I could like a fireman, rushing to put out a fire .As I was walking I heard someone mention my name who said “Jenniece ,slowed down we’re coming “ I slowed down for a little and then said to them “Hurry up, I”m trying to get home “ Finally we’re all together once again. We walked to the bus station and while at the bus station three police walked up to us and said” what are you girls doing here at this time in your school uniform?“

Nervousness and chills came over my body. I was scared I wanted to tell the police but my body and mouth froze at that moment I wished I had gone to school. My friends stood silent nobody said a single word. So the police said to us ‘Lets go to the station until your parent is here” Hearing those words I started to cry and begged the police not to call my parents because I knew the trouble I would get into if they found out ,but the policeman’s mind was already made as he lowered us into back of the car. When we arrived at the police station our parents were already there and before I could turn around to look at my parents ,my mom held on to my arm squeezing it as tight as she could. As I cried in pain she finally let go of my arm to sign some document that was given to her by the police.

I left the police station and , walking to my parents’ car, I entered the back seat while my parents joined me a few minutes after. My friends and their mom drove off. While driving home with absolute silence my mom or my dad said nothing. They just shocked their head I was scared. As I entered the house my mom started to yelled to the top of her voice, she said “I never expected that from you” as I cried “ I”m sorry “ was the only word ,two words that I could think of at the moment. My dad then came and started yelling too. I was confused because I didn’t know whom to listen to I ran into my room and looked the door but right after my mom came banging. I was unsure whether to open or not but then I decided I would ,I walked slowly to the door , walking backwards as my mom pushed to come in. She made me promise her that I will never do something like that again and she left my room . Sitting there in my room I realized that what I did was not good and other things could have happened instead of just the cop taking us to the station . We could have been murdered or even on the news like any other teenagers missing, So I promised myself never to go again my parents again.

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