Are We a Team?

1. What type of team does the new CIO have? What do you see as the key problem with the team? The new CIO has a cross-functional team, the team is including employees from the same hierarchical level but form different departments and expertise. They all working towards a common goal. They are 14 who are regional IT persons and department heads. The problem I fee is that there is lack of cooperation. Everyone seems to be working on their tasks but no one is realizing about the common goal.

Moreover, the remarks given by team members show lack of trust and respect. It is difficult to manage the cross-functional team. For this manager have to build a strong communication channel and trust among all the team member so they can achieve their goals.

2. How do you think the team evolved to this low level of cooperation and cohesiveness? In my point of view team evolved to this low level of cooperation and cohesiveness because of poor communication, lack of leadership and selfishness.

As most of the team members are thinking about their own achievement not company’s goal. They people didn’t share information to achieve collective goals. Team cohesiveness is defined as the extent to which team members are attracted to the team and motivated. It means every team member has commitment to team activities, support other team members and enjoy team’s success. This team has lack of leadership, as there is no interaction and gap of communication that is why they don’t know about shared goal.

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The former CIO always agreed with everyone but he didn’t convey shared goals this the main reason that team members are not clear about their goals. The former CIO failed to shape such rules that can helped him to make an effective and productive team.

3. What suggestions do you have for the CIO to help her turn this collection of individual regional and department heads into a top-performing team? Explain. Well as a management student, I will suggest her the following thing so she can make the collection of individual regional and department heads into a top-performing team; I. She has to be clear with her team and provide clear vision, objective and share goals. II. She has to make an effective communication channel so every single member of the team have the same information. III. She has to lead the team with her effective leadership qualities.

IV. She has to make job discerption for every one so nobody can interfere in others work and clear about their role in the team. V. She has to build good relationship with her team so they can trust her and give respect. VI. Last but not the least, she has to make check and balance on every member, so that she can figure out about the performance of individuals and overall as team. I think these are the main point if she focus on these she can get a batter result from her team and they can work together as a team to achieve shared goals.

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Are We a Team?
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