Analyzen: Why Employees Are Leaving?

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Why Employees Are Leaving?

Analyzen is the first ever Digital Agency of Bangladesh with the largest portfolio of brands. They genuinely trust in to accomplish their vision. Analyzen has each support under one rooftop. They have their expertise in Digital Strategy, Digital Content Development, Analytics, Query Management, Software, Apps and Games Development, or Digital purchasing. Since its commencement, Analyzen has developed significantly. The company has exceeded expectations as a digital marketing champion as well as advanced as an organization. Developing on its prosperity, Analyzen has possessed the capacity to be the first ever Digital Media office in Bangladesh to go worldwide upon the foundation of Analyzen Singapore Pte Ltd.

in January, 2016. Later they extend their operations in Sri Lanka, Philippine and Myanmar at the end of December 2016. This digital agency has a dream to expend their market in USA and Europe in a big way. They have largest client base in Social Media Bangladesh including Samsung Mobile and Consumer Electronics, Unilever, Grameenphone, Aarong, Standard Chartered Bank, Tonic, Himalaya Herbals, Meena Bazaar and many more.

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Recently, the organization has faced some serious problem. The have lost quite a few of their precious clients. The clients were not getting satisfaction for the organization’s work and they were seeking for other digital agencies to do their work. It is mostly because the employees who were in charge of those clients, they left. Quite a good number of people left last year. Among them some were senior media planner while the others were senior strategists.

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It has been found that the employee turnover rate was the highest in their history. So why people were leaving? The salary is quite high compare to the other digital agencies. There were festival bonuses and allowances for the employees. Still the employees were leaving.

It had been found that they were unhappy with their job. Some vibe just as they're not engaged at work. Others are killed by playing inner organizational politics. There were likewise the individuals who were tired of the discernment that their diligent of work is never perceived. On the condition of not revealing name, a former employee confessed “I had been working with the organization for more than four years. It isn't so much that awful on the grounds that the compensation is quite great and the workplace isn't excessively unpleasant. I likewise dependably get off on time. The issue, in any case, is that I feel underestimated. Despite the fact that my work obligations are presently totally extraordinary, nobody appears to have recognized what I add to the venture. In the event that anything, it frequently appears as though I'm getting the slack for everybody on my group and my endeavours go totally unrecognized. This is additionally influencing the nature of my life as I'm generally so tense after work that I can't quit pondering it.”

The new duties are heaping up yet there are no open doors for advancements or no indications of an advancement coming your direction at any point in the near future. At the point when an organization declines to advance their representatives when they're constantly tossing more work and obligations their way it's an indication that they don't really esteem that worker the way they should. The situation was like one sucked at a deadlock work with no development openings, preparing openings, or learning openings in locate that could be unimaginably impeding to the direction of your vocation. In the event that you need to enhance your esteem and not stall out in a tight spot it's best to escape from an organization when there's no space for development, aptitude improvement, or other preparing openings.

Another ex-employee admitted “Completing an extraordinary activity when nobody is there to value it is extremely crushing. We as a whole need to be praised from time to time. Furthermore, working some place where you aren't getting legitimate acknowledgment is somewhat similar to being seeing someone fondness or consideration—you'll likely begin to think about whether you're esteemed or even loved. Not exclusively is a place like that de-rousing—however in the event that your supervisor declines to recognize and compliment your achievements, that can likewise be an indication that you're not going to advanced or given sufficient chances to progress. In the event that you genuinely aren't acknowledged at your present work environment—it might be a great opportunity to go elsewhere where your commitment is esteemed.”

At the end it can be said that Money is not everything at an organization. It is obviously a motivating factor but not for everyone or every time. Appreciation, recognizing your effort at workplace is also important. How frequently does a supervisor demonstrate to his employees that he welcomes the majority of their diligent work? The appropriate response isn't sufficient. We all know the warm inclination we get when somebody makes a special effort to perceive that we're completing a great job. It influences us to rest easy and influences us to need to work harder with the goal that we keep on gaining their endorsement. This is precisely why one has to show his workers that he values them. Sadly, when we are caught up with, showing a gesture of appreciation to the employees is one of the principal things that we disregard. Employee appreciation is an important issue in the work environment and one has to make a special effort to frequently demonstrate that he acknowledges of what they have given to his organization. The company would not be anywhere without them.

Case Summary

Analyzen is a Digital Marketing Agency. One of its first kind in Bangladesh. They have started their journey back in 2008. Analyzen have the largest portfolio of brands including Westin, Nokia, Samsung, Lux, Pond’s, Grameenphone, Aarong, Standard Chartered Bank and many more. They extend their operations in Sri Lanka, Philippine and Myanmar. Recently, Analyzen lost some of their valued clients. It’s because employees who were managing those clients left Analyzen. The reason for leaving Analyzen was not salary nor employee benefits but something which Analyzen could not think about. One of the key reasons were lack of appreciations from supervisors or team members. According to some employee, office politics also plays a role in this matter. Money fulfils employee’s basic needs but that’s not everything they want. A little sense of appreciation can be huge motivating factors for an employee. Even if when all employees are busy doing their work, they should appreciate others diligent of work.

Solutions to the case questions

1. What challenges did the organization face? What was the reason behind it?


Analyzen lost some of their most valuable clients. Clients were unhappy about something, most importantly they were unhappy because the employees who were handling their tasks left Analyzen. Clients also experience problems while assigning the tasks to new employees who are going to handle their tasks. Clients wants something and Analyzen new employees are talking about something else. This leads to dissatisfaction that force clients to look for alternatives. And some of them actually end the relationship with Analyzen and move towards another digital agency.

The reason behind this unpleasant scenario is employees who were in charge of those clients left the organization for some reason. Among them some were senior media planner while the others were senior strategists. The people who were handling these clients had a good relationship with clients for a long time. It’s definitely not easy for new employees who has been assigned to handling these clients to build good relationship with these existing clients. And they eventually failed to do it.

2. Why employees were leaving the company? Briefly explain


Despite the fact that salary is comparably high to other digital agencies in Bangladesh and festival bonus & other allowances also there still some employees are leaving. It’s because some employees were unhappy with their jobs. One employee expressed his feeling that he was undervalued. His team member failed to recognize what he adds to the venture. There were also little or no open doors for advancements in near future. Another reason for employees leaving jobs were office politics. Diversified character of people can be seen at office. Analyzen have seven (7) different division for different work. Not all employees have same mentality. So, conflicts between employee’s interest can happen. That might be the reason for some employees to leave their job.

3. What motivational theory can you relate to this case study?


Motivation is the most influential factor in job satisfaction. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is related with this case.

Physiological needs: Analyzen employees basic needs such as food, shelter etc. has been met by company from their monthly salary.

Safety needs: Employees need for job security and protection from emotional and physical harm also met by Analyzen. Safety against accident and injury is covered by health insurance that is provided by Analyzen.

Social needs: The need for love, affection and acceptance between employees are also somewhat fulfilled by Analyzen. It is really important that employees feel loved and accepted by their supervisors, colleagues or even managers.

Esteem needs: When the need for physiological, safety and social has been satisfied, esteem plays a big role in motivating factor. Employees need for appreciation and respect for their work has not been met by Analyzen. When an employee accomplishes a task then their efforts should be recognized. Due to unrecognizing their efforts some employees left their job.

Self-Actualization needs: Employees need for growth, achieving one’s potential and self-fulfilment could not be met by Analyzen. Employees feel there were lack of advancement opportunity and Analyzen was less concerned with their personal growth. That’s the reason many employees are considering switching and some employees already left.

4. What steps the organization could have taken to solve this problem?


Organization need to closely monitor the employees need. Every employee has different needs. In this case, Analyzen employees felt they were unrecognized about their efforts and undervalued. Analyzen management should have identified this problem earlier in order to reduce employee turnover ratio.

Analyzen need to make employee feel empowered by recognizing their work by giving employees a small gift or even just through a monthly event of 10 to 20 minutes in the office premises in which employee’s extra efforts has been appreciated by team managers. In this way employees would feel happy and valued. And a little appreciation from immediate supervisors can play vital role in employee motivation. Simply thanking the sub-ordinates by name does not cost much to supervisors. But it means a lot to that employee.

5. How important is appreciation at a work place?


Appreciation is key motivating factors for any employee at his or her office. Appreciation pushes employees to give their 100% in completing tasks. A little sense of appreciation e.g. “Thank you” from one’s supervisor can play a big role for employee development. When an employee’s work is appreciated his job satisfaction level increases and thus his productivity level. When an employee is happy, clients are also happy and ultimately organization is benefited financially. Analyzen management need to focus on this factor in every department. Employee appreciation in the workplace should be the number one priority for them.

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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