Analysis of Tipping and TV Entertainment Cases

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The Case against Tipping


  • Promoting businesses locally or globally.
  • Tipping helps employees with low hourly rate positions.
  • Tipping is complimentary
  • Personal good deed


  • Already added into gratuity
  • Mandatory instead of Complimentary
  • Expected instead of being thankful
  • No choice

People used to be polite, and thankful especially in the act of tipping where it is common place instead of a good deed. This creates problems because what if I'm low on funds this particular night. For low paying positions such as waitress or valet parking is fine but it should ultimately be the patron’s choice.

If a taxi cab driver expects lump sums of tips and I believe taxi cab drivers make a good living he better not shout at me alongside a curb driving slowly for two block shouting obscenities. People should be more humble and less expectant of a choice based upon the individual I am not obligated to tip or get tipped if someone does tip me God Bless them.

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The consequences of "Carnage as Entertainment"


  • Educational programs
  • Comedy sitcoms/TV shows and movies
  • Recreational programs
  • Helps visible learners


  • Less communication
  • Strain on eyes
  • Child exposure to violent and sexual programs
  • Behavioral problems

Television is probably one of the most used inventions of the world as far as using your eyes and ears producing emotions and such. Today there is most likely more than one television set in one household. You can find television any and everywhere from bars, restaurants, Laundromats, barber shop etc.

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and the list goes on. However there is a down side as entertaining and consuming it may be. We have a generation of kids who refuse or simply don’t know how to communicate through dialogue. Furthermore that leads to obese and inactive lifestyle instead of going for a jog or attend a social gathering we are too busy with our mouths and eyes open in front of the television set.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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