Analysis of the Perceived Attractions of Dark Personalities

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An online psychological personality research study named, “Analyzing the Perceived attractiveness of ‘Dark Personalities’” was examined. The Psychology Department of Hanover College-sponsored this research study and many others (Krantz, 2018). This study requires rating individuals based on their attractiveness and personality traits of nine opposite-sex individuals. This study takes about 10-15 minutes, then it will be carried out as part of a study at the University of Worcester for conferences or academic journals.

The aim of this study is “to examine how different levels of specific personality traits impact the way people perceive individuals from the opposite sex” under complex scenarios (“Perception of the Opposite Sex”, 3).

Any participant over the age of 16 is allowed to partake in this survey. There are no risks that have been identified in taking part in the survey and your identity remains anonymous. To take part in the survey a participant consent form is required.

For nine individuals of the opposite gender, the participants are asked to rate them on a span of many questions and personality traits (“Perception of the Opposite Sex”, 5).

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To rate the individuals, the scales range from 1 (not at all interested) to 5 (very interested). The contributor is given a complex scenario and an image to rate the individual off of. During the survey, only participants’ opinions and assumptions are observed.

In psychological research, there are four main goals to describe, explain, predict, and control behavior. “These goals lay down the foundation for the scientific approach used in psychology” (Licht et al., 2016). The first goal is to describe what is observed.

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By noticing different human conducts, psychologists can analyze ideas, emotions, actions, and goals. s of people through their observations and studies. Goal two is to explain observations and findings. Explaining discoveries or observations can be done through experiments through studies. The third goal is to predict conduct or results based on observed patterns (Licht et al., 2016). The final goal, control is to form or alter the conduct of psychologists, a useful course of action. Psychologists “can apply the findings of psychological research to change and direct (control) behaviors in a beneficial way” (Licht et al., 2016). Psychology can be used to influence the thoughts and behavior of individuals with the help of the four main goals of psychology.

To collect data in psychology, five research methods are used. These include survey, naturalistic observation, correlational study, case study, and experiment. In Perceptions of the Opposite Sex, the researcher used the survey method. “One of the fastest ways to collect descriptive data is the survey method, which relies on questionnaires or interviews” (Licht et al., 2016). The survey method relies on interviews, and naturalistic observation involves researching contributors in their native habitat. The survey method's advantages include reliability and cost-effectiveness. The disadvantages of surveys are people being dishonest and inflexible. Naturalistic observation's advantages are that it has very little bias and greater ecological validity. But the disadvantages are ethical problems, and lack of control. Correlational studies “examine relationships among variables and assist researchers in making predictions” (Licht et al., 2016). An advantage of this research is that it allows researchers to collect more data than usual with experiments. A disadvantage of this study is that it cannot control cause-and-effect. A case study is a detailed analysis of an individual or small group. Pros for case studies include detailed and in-depth data and high ecological validity. Cons for case studies include no cause-and-effect, lack of generalizability, and low reliability. An experimental method is a type of research that controls a variable of interest to uncover cause-and-effect relationships (Licht et al., 2016). Pros for the experimental method include a high level of control and establishing a cause-and-effect. Cons for this research include too much control and being biased.

The main ethical principles, discussed in the textbook include confidentiality and deception. Psychologists study humans and other living things who experience pain, fear, and other complex feelings, and it is their professional duty to treat them with dignity and respect (Licht et al., 2016). The APA, APS, and BPS provide written guidelines to help ensure ethical behavior in their field. Confidentiality is a big issue in psychology which allows individuals to express their emotions and experience freely and be protected. Other ethical topics include informed consent and debriefing.

There is a need to replicate research studies because it assures validity to the findings of every research. In psychology, replication is very important to achieve similar results as the original study. This guarantees valid outcomes and increases the chance those results can be generalized to the larger population. If I replicated the study, I took part in, I would keep it a survey and not change the research method. But I would make changes to the questions and make them less generic.


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Updated: May 21, 2022
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