Analysis of the Hero Deadpool From Marvel Comics

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Deadpool from Marvel comics book is a typical example of an anti hero because of his background, selflessness and responsibility with the world. We have already known that a hero was born to be a good-looking guy, help and never kill innocent people, moreover always follow the rules of a group, then anti hero is completely inverse. They are identified that is a group of ugly, unbeautiful people without following the rules of killing or treating with human being. They always act by their heart and opinions, no one can stop them.

Deadpool is an exactly person like this. He is a killer with special skills from military.

Because of his cancer, his face has been damaged and he has turned into an anti hero. His power is healing or never die. He always act by his instinct. If he feels that guy should go to another life, he will instantly do it. That is also the reason why he never become a hero.

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He often gets trouble with X-Men because of his mutinous characteristics. For instance, when X-Men team came to a school to try to control a kid named Russell, who has been being out of control his fire hands, and Deadpool figured out that Russell was mistreated by a staff at that school, he immediately killed that guy without considering.

However, X-Men got a rule is not to kill normal people and then Russell and Deadpool were arrested and kept in a prison of mutant criminals. Thanks to this, we easily realize that Deadpool always stand by the justice.

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He does not care about himself, he only care about how the justice is completed. He showed us that he is selfless guy. Furthermore, Deadpool does not only show us about his selflessness, also point out that he still got an emotional heart. It is the point of any anti hero that hold them standing between good and bad person’s border.

When his fiancee was killed by his opponents, he reached to the deep of pain. However, the thing is he could not die because of his abilities even though he tried many ways to kill himself. But when he could die through a necklace from prison which is able to make Deadpool’s power useless, he met his girlfriend, and then he turned back to real life, because he is aware that everyone needs him. In addition, there are a lot of villain out there, if no Deadpool, who is going to kill them to save this world? After all, I think Deadpool deserves to have a good position in any of our hearts even if he is an anti hero because of what he has done for our life.

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