My Heroes: Emma Watson, Stephen Hawking and Deadpool

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A hero is someone who brings joy and positivity to anyone else out of his or her own will. In some cases, they save lives. Not all heroes wear capes. Emma Watson, Stephen Hawking, and Deadpool are heroes. The people chosen may not seem like heroes, but based on the definition of a hero, they bring positivity, joy, and hope. Anyone can be a hero, so let’s dive into each hero and explain what makes each of them a hero.

Deadpool may be looked as an anti-hero, but in the end, he saves the city and many lives. Deadpool can be looked at as an immature adult, who doesn’t care about anyone else but himself, but that is just how he comes off as a person.

In the comics, the Avengers reach out to Deadpool for help to defeat a creature from another world. He declines their gesture at first, but Deadpool comes around and decides to help save the world.

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Deadpool was the only one out of all the Avengers who had a strong enough weapon to defeat the creature. If it wasn’t for Deadpool, the whole world would have been destroyed by this worldly creature. You may think that Deadpool assassinates people for fun, but he assassinates the worst criminals for fun. He saves lives that would have been taken by those criminals. ”(Deadpool #3)” Another example would have to be when Deadpool assassinated a gang that was terrorizing the city. He saved the city once again, but, in the process, someone got hurt.

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Vega 2 Deadpool went to visit the guy who was hurt in the hospital. The guy had a couple of weeks to live, so Deadpool decided to go out of his way to ask Black Panther for vibranium to help the injured guy. Black Panther refused and they started to fight. Deadpool stayed to fight Black Panther just to save one life who got in the way of the fight. Deadpool used up his time to just save one life. Deadpool got destroyed in the first fight but continued to go back and fight just for a small piece of vibranium. Deadpool is a hero because he brings joy to people he saves and the people who look up to him. Stephen Hawking wasn’t just your average scientist, he was a groundbreaking scientist who fought his whole life against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and still became someone without letting his illness get in the way. Stephen was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21where the life expectancy after diagnosis of ALS is two to five years. Stephen lived fifty-five more years after his diagnosis. This shows that anything is possible.

This also inspires everyone else with the same or similar disease. Stephen didn’t let his disease get in the way either. He couldn’t move or do anything, except think. With being able to use his brain, Stephen made groundbreaking discoveries. Stephen Hawking made mazing theories on black holes and gravitational singularity theories. ”(” Stephen Hawking also inspired scientists. He proved that it only takes a bright mind to accomplish your dreams. Overall, Stephen inspires everyone who wants to accomplish something in life. It doesn’t matter what your going through or what is in your way, you just need to put in the work to accomplish anything you want it life. Stephen continued to discover new theories on our human race and the cosmos up until the day of his death. Stephen Hawking Vega 3 is a hero because he an inspiring scientist who many people strive to be.

Emma Watson may be a well-known actor, but she is also a leader, a hero, and a feminist. Emma has inspired many and is a great role model. Emma is loved by many and inspires young females. Emma stands for equality for both genders and stands up for what she believes in. Emma wants to show young women that they are important in society and that they play big roles in business.

Emma used her fame for good. She started charities that stand up for equality. “(” Emma Watson is an appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Emma helped found this administration to empower young women to reach their full potential. Emma also shows young women that their opinion in society matter and to not stand down when simply told to. More women these days are standing up for their rights as humans and voicing their opinion to the world. Young women these being more empowered than ever before thanks to people like Emma Watson who stand up for equality. Emma has also donated lots of money to help end world poverty and world hunger. She wished for a more peaceful world. She chooses to use her money and fame to do what’s right. Therefore, many people look up to Emma. Emma doesn’t only stand up for women, she also stands up for men. She wants equality for both genders and hopes to settle a perfect balance of equality between the two. Emma Watson is a hero because she inspires young women and helps women bring the best of them.

One can see that anyone can be a hero and they don’t have to save lives to be one. Many people look at heroes as people who save lives, like in comic books. It turns out that with a little Vega 4 positivity and doing what are right can make anyone a hero. One can be a hero for many different things. Anybody can be someone who inspires others, brings joy to others, proves that any goal is achievable if you put in the time and effort to accomplish it, and someone who stands up for what is right. Those people are the real heroes in society and are great role models. Heroes in society are the people who are remembered throughout history and are looked up to. Their work is never overlooked.

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