An Overview of the Student Years at Palm Beach Central High School

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Throughout my four years as a student at Palm Beach Central High School, I have had the honor and privilege to be a part of some amazing organizations. Accomplishing these tasks was something I did was possible to attain when I was a freshman. Outside of the classroom, I have dedicated my time towards being a member of three of prestigious groups on campus. As a fourveteran of the Palm Beach Central Marching Band, I have been given the responsibilities of not only being the band's librarian, but also being the equipment manager.

At the same time, I was practicing to become a better musician on both the trombone and tuba. I have also dedicated my time towards upholding the integrity of being a member of the National Honor Society. As the Public Relations officer for the past two years, it has been my responsibility to help organize any community service projects that we will perform. I also have to take feedback from our members and use it to help pick out projects for later occurrences.

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Last year I also had the privilege of becoming a member of Palm Beach Central's Math Honor Society.

Being a part of the founding chapter, our primary objective so far has been to provide mathematical tutoring to the students at our school who need assistance in grasping certain topics. While I have put in a lot of time and effort towards being involved outside of the classroom, my drive has been just as strong in the classroom.

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I currently hold a 3.95 GPA and a 4.80 HPA which has given me the title to date as being ranked number 6 in a class of 657 students. During my time at Palm Beach Central, I have taken vigorous APIAICE courses. This has enabled me to be presented with an AP Scholars Award and an AP Scholar with Distinction Award by the College Board for the past two years. One of the biggest achievements I have achieved while at Palm Beach Central was that during the last school year, I was invited by the school district to be Palm Beach Central's first and only representative at the Palm Beach County Sunshine State Scholar Recognition Program which recognizes students for their abilities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

When I look towards the future and life after high school, the first thing that comes to my mind is making sure that I indeed continue to reach for the same amount of excellence in life that I have managed to obtain while at Palm Beach Central. As a person who has an IEP and was diagnosed with Multi-Spectrum Disorder, I understand that the challenges will be plentiful, but I am more than ready to see what life has to throw my way. One of the best ways for me to continue striving for excellence is to make sure that I continue to stay academically strong-minded. The only way I can think of doing this is making sure that next fall I attend a four-year university and obtain an undergraduate degree for whatever major I ultimately decide to study in. While I am still processing what exactly I want to major in, I already know that I want to obtain a minor in the area of music theory. My hope is that with my success in college I will be able to once again graduate at the top of my class and be one of the first to walk down the aisle to obtain my dual degree. After college, I hope to have the opportunity to obtain a doctorate as I believe that in the field of education a doctorate is regard as "the ultimate educational success". I have faith that my goals for the future will allow me to uphold what it truly means to be the Reach for Excellence Pathfinder.

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