The Most Unusual Thing That Happened to Me Essay

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The Most Unusual Thing That Happened to Me

Until this day I still do not know how that woman knew so much about me and I believe that I will never be able, until the rest of my life, to explain that meeting. I was on my summer holiday in Montenegro and since it was one of the last days I was to spend there, everything became a little boring and I did not expect anything new to happen that day. But then a woman appeared above my head, as I was lying on the beach with my friends, and she asked us if we would like her to read from our palms. In just a brief moment my friends replied negatively, but I, on the other hand, was interested in what she was going to say so I gave her my hand. She took it and began to look very carefully at it. I was wondering if she could really see something in my hand or she is just a fraud.

The answer to my question came very quickly, as if she knew what I was thinking about. She started talking about my past and she told every little detail of it. I could not believe what I was hearing. She kept talking about my past experiences and how I felt about them and then, as she had said pretty much everything, she started talking what would happen next in my life. But, I stopped her telling that I would like to find out about that part for myself. Today, as I am thinking about her, I wonder what she would have told me about my future and if it would be as accurate as all other things she had told me. But then again, I still want to find out how life will turn out for me, and not just in one moment, but day by day.

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