An Introduction to the Cinema

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What is Cinema Cinema is defined as the production of movies as an art or industry,” but I have learned in this class that it is a lot more than that. I believe that cinema can change lives through story telling and by constructing scenes that are mind blowing. For what we know this can be for better or for worse, as seen with the movie Avatar which caused people to become suicidal. Cinema is indeed an art as much as it is an industry, however.

Big budget movies can turn out to be the worst thing ever, and low budget movies can be some of the most cinematic. I also believe that cinema is a great example of collaboration.

It is important to note that it is impossible to film a movie all by yourself; you need actors and both people behind and in front of the camera. It is wonderful to see people come together to do what they love in the world, and I believe that cinema is a great source for people to share ideas despite any differences.

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Some people feel like movies are just an escape from reality for the weak, for people who cannot handle real life situations. I can see the validity of this opinion because a lot of people feel the same way about the internet and social media. While there is a certain line to draw, escape from reality for an hour or two can be quite beneficial to a human being as everyone has something of a “happy place.

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” Cinema is essentially the way of storytelling through moving pictures. You cannot put too many restrictions on it’s definition because if you say all cinema has dialogue, or all cinema has this or that you’re wrong. It may be the most broad art form in a way that differences between two films can be astronomical. Another good point to add is that film incorporates all aspects of other art forms in one. Cinema is important in this world because of how influential it can be. Governments have used cinema as propaganda just as companies use it to convince you to buy their product. When everything in this day is trying to sell you something, you either grow oblivious to it, or notice its fallacies.

While cinema as an art is important, cinema as an industry is equally so, and it does have its positives. It has created jobs galore, this is why we are in film school after all. It has opened up a new educational world that is seemingly new, the teachers of it are pioneers and can discover a new thing about a film every time they watch it, which may be the most groundbreaking discovery of all time. In conclusion, there are many aspects of cinema that make it important in todays society, it has become a social event, job, education, and life for many good people. There will always be advances to it until the next new great art form is invented. Where will CGI take us and how far can we go with affects and lighting and costumes? The future of cinema has a lot to behold, and I am proud to be a part of that future.

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