An Essay on the Horrors of Drinking and Driving

Throughout the years, i have lost many loved ones to the terrible plague that our nation refers to as drinking and driving, The first being my oldest brother when l was at the young age of seven. The most recent being my father: and In between, cousins, best friends, classmates, and siblings fall. Most people would cower down in the face of such adversity, but I chose to make a learning experience of it.|nstead of falling into line with the other friends and family that feel as if they can do nothing more than mourn the death of their loved one, I decided to dedicate my life to doing what little they can to prevent future heartache found Within such tragedies.

By the third alcohol-related death I was faced wtth, l began to feel as if I were placed on this earth for the sole purpose of helping to bring this issue to an end.

At the age of twelve, l began to iorn every drunk-drrvrng organization under the sun.

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I started the first SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) chapter in the state of Texas and made state headlines with my efforts. I know I cannot do it alone, but along with knowing that l have affected the way hundreds of people now View the topic, comes an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. 80 l continue with my solitary efforts every day of my life, hoping all the while, that I am making a big enough impact on others that not only will they never drink and drive, but that they will also spread this positive message to their loved ones, I hope they never know that pain that l have known.

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