An Argument Against Drinking and Driving

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How would you feel if an underage drinker crashed into your car while driving to or from the supermarket? I would be outraged, that is why I believe that the drinking laws should be enforced to affect the underage drinker. The enforcement of the law would help reduce the amount of underage drinkers off the road. Everyday there are underage drinkers driving down the road, Each day there are more and more people drinking and driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

Over ten million drinkers in the United States are between the ages of twelve and twenty. Each year more and more under-age citizens are beginning to drink alcoholic beverages. Many more are young and underage drinkers are dying each day because of drinking or killed by a drunk driver. Each year over fifty two million dollars are spent because of alcohol related accidents.

The underage drinker that causes the accident should be responsible for their actions drivrng on the road, If the laws are enforced it would help the underage drinker realize that they shouldn’t be drinking under the legal alcohol drinking age If the underage drinker is caught in the act of drinking under the legal age they should be fined along with some jail time with out bail, Most underage drinkers today know that they are drinking illegally, but they don‘t care because they can’t get in “big” trouble for drinking.

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Today people drink while they are underage for many reasons. Some of the reasons are that they want to fit in With the crowd.

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peer pressures and, the law isn’t that powerful enough to stop them. Many under age people get alcoholic beverages from other peers, social influences, parents.

Or buy them illegally. Alcohol acts almost Just like tobacco, you use it enough you’re addicted to it, and if you try to quit you suffer from withdraw symptoms. Drinking is also a mental problem, because If your parents are alcoholics you will have a good chance of becoming one. Each year many people die from drunks. and underage “drunks” that drive on the road. if the laws are enforced there will be less underage drinkers. this would help you reduce the chance of getting into an accident caused by and underage drinker. There also would be less people becoming alcoholics in the future of their lives, Do you believe that the drinking laws should be enforced? So what would you do if you get in an accident caused by an underage drinker?

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