An Epic Story: Sundiata

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What makes a story really legendary? Is it the qualities of the characters within the story? Is it the story itself? Is it the sense of fate or Fate that the story creates for the reader? Is it the method stated story is composed? Whether a story needs only one or all of these attributes, the book “Sundiata and Impressive of Old Mali” is a genuinely epic tale. The story tells the life of a great king in Mali called Maghan Sundiata.

Born to a regrettable looking mom, he is sluggish and weak at the start of life. Sundiata does not begin strolling till he is seven years old once he stands he stands high. He is a natural leader and has all the qualities of a paragon lead character. He is wise, kind, merciful, and reasonable as well as strong, willful, effective and skilled. Picking exile from his home city, and rightful throne, in order to protect his sisters he discovers himself in a position of leadership in another city.

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After he leaves Mali it is invaded by and wicked king showing all the characteristics of and epic villain.

King Soumaoro Kante is egotistical, vicious, petty, vicious and ruthless along with smart, powerful and many of all afraid. They are taken part battle two times; both times the victory is Sudiata’s and both times Soumaoro Kante runs away. Soumaoro’s city is sacked and he is left powerless while Sundiata not just wins his kingdom back but also gets lots of allies and pals since of his genuinely excellent character.

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If a story is made legendary by its characters than definitely the perfect apotheosis of Sundiata and the severe evil of Soumaoro are legendary enough to satisfy and legendary requirement. If one judges a legendary by the story being informed than “Sundiata an Impressive Tale of Old Mali” is also a worthwhile candidate for an epic tale. Beginning with the weakest in the city and becoming the greatest in the Kingdom, Sundiata’s life in itself is legendary enough. The story is informed through the perspective of a griot called Mamadou Kouyate. A griot is lots of things in the society of Mali and throughout much of Africa. He is an Historian, an advisor, a conciliator, a performer but many of all he is the culture of a whole society of people.

Understanding the culture of the society in which this story comes, one would, without question, consider the griot Mamadou Kouyate on par with the likes of Homer and the author(s) of Beowulf. This is possibly partially because of his perspective but definitely because of his beautiful use of the marvelous in order to beautify the story and make it personal to the reader or listener. The way the story is told enraptures an audience like any true epic should. Within all great epics there is an obvious theme of someone’s destiny. Sundiata is given a destiny at a young age, as predicted by a seer before his birth, and fulfills it with purity of heart.

He faces many trials and tribulations along the way but never once does he give into darkness. Never once does he give up and decide he’s done enough. Not until all his people are freed, all debts are paid, and his kingdom is returned does the story end. This is a clear and perfect example of the sense of fate one requires of our epic heroes. Of all the traits of “Sundiata…” the characteristic that most earns it its epic status is the battle of good versus evil and the triumph of good. Not to be misunderstood with a novel tale of mediocre light and dark, the battle in this story speaks to the deepest depths of darkness and to the purest picture of paragon.

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