American Essay Topics

American Ethnic Literature

What does it mean to be inclusive of “ethnic” literature in American “English” classrooms? Educators across the country struggle to comply with industry standards as well as their own sense of what “globalization in literature” may comprise. The ideology of teaching the British canon is breaking down, particularly in the wake of the post-colonial criticism… View Article

Applying The Matter As The Rightful American

How are Americans supposed to face the situation that they are in at present? This is the main discussion that Gjerde has presented in his articles. From the said articles, the author pointed out that learning to be a rightful individual who has the capability of handling the American dream of equality while being able… View Article

What A Good American Should Be Like

To many, America is already a much developed country. Yet a lot of Americans themselves find it difficult to accept that their country is already at its peak success. Why? This is primarily because of the unequal views of both races and people’s economic status. These two are only a few of the many reasons… View Article

The American West

The Idea of adopting the Wild West in the movies was to me, a way for the film industry to portray the kind of life that use to exist when outlaws ruled. This was a way telling the viewers how it was when the law was not that effective as it is now. Back then,… View Article

American surnames

What’s in a name? Names identify us from the many other people in this world although there are some that have common names. More than being identifiers in a crowd, names are also used to trace the origins of a person be it one’s place in the family tree or one’s ethnic cultural beginnings. In… View Article

The American revolution

One of the major reasons why the American Revolution started was because of the fact that the British were not including the Americans in the decisions that were being taken for the taxation proceeds from the citizens the Americans who felt that they were not being asked to participate in important decisions (Blanco 757). The… View Article

In Heather Havrilesky

In Heather Havrilesky’s article entitled Beseiged by “Friends”, her main idea is that Hollywood has formed an unrealistic image of Arabs in the minds of all. She discusses a documentary called “Hollywood in the Muslim World,” but maintains that even this does not get the bottom of the stereotyping. However, the document does show how… View Article

American history

American history reflects a very unique nation. To a great degree, the policies of the United States have always sought the favor of the American people, as the powers that be remain accountable to the American public if policies do not go as planned. With the Monroe Doctrine and the subsequent Manifest Destiny, the American… View Article

American history

In American history, there have been numerous instances in which a greater degree of damage and death which visited out shores. In the three day battle of Gettysburg, more than 51,000 soldiers fell. (Burns, 1989) The invasion of France on June 6, 1944 took more than 6,000 lives. Pearly Harbor claimed more than 2300 lives… View Article

American women today

It was in the nineties when women began realizing their rights and started demanding them. They conducted certain movements for this purpose. The lives of American women underwent dramatic changes after the Second World War. During and after the Second World War women had attained a certain level of independency as they worked in factories… View Article

Japanese-American Trade Relations

It is necessary to outline that nowadays relations between the United States of America and Japan are claimed to be very close trade and economic cooperation, as well as great cultural proliferation. Japanese-American economic relations affect economic growth and development of both countries making them more powerful on the global scale. Actually, for many years… View Article

Is Media American?

The role of mass media has always been considered by many people as something very important in terms of setting their opinions and making their choices in their everyday lives. As a matter of fact, media has been deemed in this modern and highly technological age as something that plays a crucial role in molding… View Article

American Foundation for the Blind

The particular website being evaluated is that of the American Foundation for the Blind found at http://www. afb. org/. This site is created and maintained by the proprietors of the AFB, whose members of their board of trustees identify themselves as persons in leadership within prominent businesses, medical institutions and universities across the United States…. View Article

Civil War in Fort Sumter in American

Fort Sumter is located in Charleston in South Carolina; the Fort was famous for its role that it played as a site where most shots that initiated the American Civil War were fired during the battle of Fort Sumter. This site was constructed using the slave labor from the year 1829 and unfinished in the… View Article

The history of American nation

Looking at the history of American nation, it becomes evident that the U. S. has continued to engage in war for the reasons that are different from the defense of our country and our free way of life. The true purpose of wars is to give rise to the military-industrial complex that will ensure vast… View Article

American Traditions Reflected In The Literature Of 1865-1912

The United States has always professed itself to be the “land of the free. ” In fact, most of its traditions are rooted in its value for freedom, family and country. How often is it in public speeches that we are reminded that “all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator… View Article

Postmodern tendencies in American TV

Television scholars have observed that in the past twenty years American popular television has undergone a major transformation in style and form. John Thornton Caldwell uses the term televisuality to signify a development in the images running through the small screen. Such a shift in form and presentation developed alongside contextual factors. Caldwell explains his… View Article

American Interventions Since World War Ii

Since 1940, the United States has a long history of foreign interventions, long since leaving behind its former isolationism. Its motives have included the urge to fight fascist aggression, the desire to contain communism’s spread (and protect American economic interests), and preserving American access to plentiful Middle Eastern oil. Before December 1941, much of the… View Article

American Imperialism After 1898

Soon after its swift victory in the Spanish-American War, the United States increasingly conducted itself internationally like a world power, particularly in Asia, where key American possessions and economic interested were located. Despite long-standing desires to stay aloof from foreign affairs, the United States increasingly intervened abroad. In eastern Asia, the United States quickly began… View Article

American History Since 1877

While it may be the case that a popular and misinformed view of the entry of the United States into World War Two has displaced that of historical accuracy for the majority of casual observers of history, those with a deeper immersion in the historical facts recognize a more complex and perhaps more profound set… View Article

The American economy

The American economy in in a very good state at present. Unemployment for 2006-2007 was lower than at the same points in the previous year. The quarterly GDP rate rose during 2007. No recession has occured nor is there a sign of one despite the recent credit crunch. If there was a recession, the easy… View Article

Urban exploration and the American culture

Urban exploration is a common phenomenon in American culture. Urban exploration has been commonly defined as the examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of human civilization. It is likewise generally referred to as infiltration. In this sense, some people consider infiltration to be more closely connected with the exploration of active or inhabited… View Article

Ethnography on Middle Class American Male

Two centuries ago leading white, middle-class families in the newly united American states spearheaded a family revolution that replaced the premodern gender order with a modern family system. But modern family was an oxymoronic label for this peculiar institution, which dispensed modernity to white, middle-class men only by withholding it from women. The former could… View Article

American History X

American History X is a film that centered on two brothers and how their lives changed when their father died. The story revolved around discrimination and racism. But most importantly, the movie emphasized the capability of an individual to change. The main character, Derek Vinyard, transformed into a racist when his father died “in the… View Article

American Political Thought

United States of America has one of the unique political systems in the world which has also proved itself as one the successful political systems in the world. The roots of this political system are not only based on historically conflicting process but also it advocated the emergence of American identity as its main focus… View Article

As an Hispanic American

As an Hispanic American, born in Brooklyn, New York and with relatives still living in Puerto Rico, the topic of Ellis Island holds a great deal of interest for me personally. First, because of my heritage, the idea of people coming from other nations to build a new life in America is very interesting and… View Article

“A &P” dreams

The play “Fences” by August Wilson and the short story “A&P” by John Updike focus on the lives of the parents and their sons. The dream which a son aims to fulfill in his life is far different from the dream his father had held throughout his life. In the play “Fences”, the dream of… View Article

American Barbeque

Lucille’s Smokehouse Restaurant prides itself in having delicious American barbecues and beloved dishes. The restaurant that started as a family business now became a blooming chain of restaurants in the United States. The business has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Lucille Buchanan enjoyed her grandmother’s barbeque when she was a child in… View Article

American Cabinet Positions

The United States President’s official family, consisting of several cabinet secretaries, has been on continued attack for its apparent wealthy composition. This is because majority of the appointed cabinet secretaries came from the corporate world. As a result, their obligation to society and the Americans was compromised due to a conflict of interest between the… View Article

American Literature

On learning that his gay lover “Prior Walter” was infected with AIDS, Louis Ironson being unable to cope quits the relationship. Joe is offered a good promotion by fellow homosexual and lawyer “Roy Cohn”, unknowing to Joe, Roy has AIDS, which he contacted from Prior. Angels and ghosts visited Prior and told him he was… View Article