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Walt Whitman’s Crossing the Brooklyn Ferry Analysis
Words • 876
Pages • 4
A discussion of the purpose of life in the poem "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" by Walt Whitman. Walt Whitman asks himself and the reader of the poem, "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry," what significance a person's life holds in the scope of densely populated planet. The poem explores the difficulties of discovering the relevance of life. The methods that helped Whitman grasp his own idea of the importance of life are defined with some simple yet insightful and convincing observations. By living under…...
BrooklynPhilosophyPsychologyWalt Whitman
Michael Jordan – Life and Achievements
Words • 1174
Pages • 5
A biographical essay on the life and achievements of Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan The early years. Michael Jordan was one of five children born to James and Delores Jordan. He was born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn. The Jordans' felt that the streets of Brooklyn were unsafe to raise a young family of five children. Instead of trying to endure the streets of Brooklyn, the Jordan family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. James got a job in Wilmington as a…...
AchievementBrooklynGreatest Achievement In LifeMichael Jordan
Manliness in ‘Hostility and Aggression’
Words • 924
Pages • 4
How does Arthur Miller portray and link the themes of Manliness, Hostility and Aggression in 'A View From The Bridge'. 'A View From The Bridge is a play written in 1955 by Arthur Miller, originally a one act play it was extended to a two act play to make it more human and sympathetic. The play is set in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a very poor area described by the plays narrator, Alfieri as 'The slum that faces the bay on…...
A View From The BridgeBrooklynLiteraturePlays
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Experience the charisma of Big City with New York Holiday Packages
Words • 644
Pages • 3
New York’s is vibrant, vivacious and has countless attractions. Be it the iconic structures such as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. Visit the boroughs, watch a show on Broadway, look out for celebrities in Times Square, or simply watch the city go by on the Staten Island Ferry, reading billboards in Times Square, or strolling through Central Park. There is no end of things to see and do in New York City. For culture-vultures there are…...
Ansel AdamsBrooklynCityHoliday ExperienceNew York CityVisual Arts
Malamud’s Biography and a Book The Magic Barrel
Words • 4947
Pages • 20
A biography of the author Bernard Malamud and a review of his book "The Magic Barrel" I. Bernard Malamud Bernard Malamud (1914-1986) was born in Brooklyn, New York. From 1932 to 1936 he studied at the City College of New York, where he received his bachelor's degree. From 1937 to 1938 he was a student at the Columbia University. In 1942 he received his Master's degree. From 1940 to 1948 he taught evening classes at the Erasmus High School, the…...
Yaritza Espinal World Art History
Words • 456
Pages • 2
Yaritza EspinalWorld Art History100-018Professor AmiriSeptember 29, 2019The Block Statue of Ay(New Kingdom)On my trip to the Brooklyn Museum I observed the Block Statue of Ay. The statue is made from limestone. Made in the New Kingdom, late dynasty XVIII, reign of Tutankhamun (circa 1336-1327a.c). It is presumably from Sumenu. Was assembled by Charles Edwin Willbour(1833-1896) in Egypt between 1830 and 1896. Art of the highest quality was available for sale and export from Egypt at this time. The statue arrived…...
Ancient EgyptArt HistoryBrooklynWorld
Sanchez book review
Words • 2926
Pages • 12
Mindanao State University "Iligan Institute of Technology College of Arts and Social Sciences Department of History Book Review History 146 Submitted By: Novaleen G. Sanchez Submitted To: Mrs. Xandelyn Reyes BaenaA People 'sHistory of the United States AUTHOR The book was authored by Howard Zinn entitled A People 's History of the United States .He was born on August 24, 1922 and grew up in New York City, Brooklyn. His parents were Jewish immigrants. At the age of 18 he…...
Book ReviewBrooklyn
Bronx vs. Brooklyn
Words • 348
Pages • 2
The Bronx from developing like Brooklyn? Well, to start talking about the factors that prevent the Bronx develop as Brooklyn, I have to say that the way in which we see the two cities greatly affects the factors, because perhaps the greatest factor in a city development , isn’t of interest in the other, and vice versa. For me the factors that are preventing the Bronx to develop as other counties in New York State or even the country are…...
Brooklyn Cop by MacCaig
Words • 623
Pages • 3
The cop appears to be a savage yet we are later made aware of his underlying vulnerability. New York’s reputation of violence and crime leads to our awareness of the cop’s fear of not returning home to his wife. ... We are first made aware of the cop’s intimidating appearance in the first line, of the first stanza when MacCaig uses the simile "built like gorilla. " This gives us a very negative and animalistic idea of the man, an…...
Arthur Millar
Words • 586
Pages • 3
In this essay I am going to analyse the dramatic techniques that Arthur Millar uses in his 20th century drama called, 'A View From The Bridge. ' The play is set in Brooklyn in the 1940's when the Italians were immigrating to America to find work as they were poor and they needed to get away from Italy to find work to feed their families in Italy. Many of these immigrants entered America Illegally. The play is about a skilled…...
Experimental Psychology Stroop Effect
Words • 2032
Pages • 9
The research assessed in this article discusses the Stroop effect. The Stroop effect occurs when our selective attention fails and we are unable to attend to some information and ignore the rest. This study tests the Stroop effect by presenting the participant with a congruent or incongruent word and the participant is asked to type the color of the word or the actual word in a series of trials. In this research, it has been found that participants had faster…...
BrooklynExperimentHuman NaturePsychology
Brooklyn Cop by Norman MacCaig
Words • 760
Pages • 4
“Brooklyn Cop” written by Scottish poet Norman McCaig, is a poem that conveys a police officer in Brooklyn to be an aggressive yet affectionate man. Throughout the poem McCaig uses word choice and imagery techniques to express the dual sided nature of the cop. We see that the way he behaves on the streets of Brooklyn contrasts with how he is at home with his wife. The dual sided nature of the cop is shown through the physical description that…...
Biography of My Favourite Actress Lena Horne
Words • 489
Pages • 2
Actress and singer Lena Horne was born June 30, 1917, in Brooklyn, New York. She left school at age 16 to help support her mother and became a dancer at the Cotton Club in Harlem. She later sang at Carnegie Hall and appeared in such films as Stormy Weather and The Wiz. She was also known for her work with civil rights groups, and refused to play roles that stereotyped African-American women. Early Life Lena Mary Calhoun Horne was born…...
ActressBiographyBrooklynMy FavouriteMy Favourite Actress
Do the Right Thing: Independent Cinema
Words • 346
Pages • 2
“Do the Right Thing” (1989) is a drama-comedy film crafted by writer-director producer star Spike Lee which delved into issues dealing with Brooklyn existence, racism and bigotry which exist in areas found in metropolitan New York. Tolerance is normally maintained but feelings are always threatening to spill out the key point of Lee’s film. Most of the actions take place in Sal’s Pizzeria, a 25 year-old Italian-American establishment in the African-American community (Do the Right Thing; 1989). Sal has two…...
BrooklynCinemaDo The Right ThingDouble Consciousness
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
Words • 380
Pages • 2
Walt Whitman's poem, "Crossing Brooklyn Ferryboat", describes the poet musing about the connection in between the past, present and future as a constant thread of experience. Although the poem is filled with rich and brilliant imagery, it is not about individuals, buildings, water, sun or the ferry flight. It has to do with how the easy experience of riding a ferryboat and crossing the sea awakens within the poet a deep and profound insight about the motion of time and…...
BrooklynPoetryWalt Whitman
Crime Does Not Pay
Words • 396
Pages • 2
Chris Paciello could be aptly described as a violent nice-looking hoodlum and lover. There was not much account on Paciello’s childhood life. However, his real name was Christian Ludwigzen and he was identified as a “thug wrapped up” in New York’s mob scene prior to his reinvention of himself in Miami. From 1987 to 1993, he was engaged in various robberies and theft cases, robbing establishments such hardware stores, video shops and pharmacies, and even pet store. He was also…...
Understanding the Book” Better: A Surgeons Notes on Performance”
Words • 1815
Pages • 8
The book entitled “Better: A Surgeons Notes on Performance,” which is written by one of the great practitioners in general and endocrine surgeon named Atul Gawande primarily tells about the faces of different difficulties and struggles that most of the doctors and other medical personnel are experiencing in attending to the medical needs of the people and in delivering the highest quality in healthcare service. Born in Brooklyn, New York City in the 1965, Atul Gawnde is now one of…...
BrooklynHealthMedical MalpracticeMedicinePerformanceSurgery
My hobby which is driving
Words • 1001
Pages • 5
Do you ever get that urge to just run away? Or like you are about to explode with anger for no reason? Ever feel like you are so swamped with work from school that you want to quit college, just for a minute? These are all urges induced by stress. We all find ways to escape in order to gather ourselves, even if it is just for a little while. I live in an apartment in Brooklyn and share a…...
BrooklynDrivingHobbyMy Hobby
Event Coordinator of a Destination Wedding
Words • 3417
Pages • 14
Introduction I am the event coordinator of a destination wedding. A destination wedding is defined as a wedding celebration in an exotic or resort location. This will be a three day trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas and will be planning from now until wedding day. The day of the wedding will be December 14, 2013. The couple chose Paradise Island, Bahamas because they both have heard how beautiful, and always wanted to vacation down there. The couple is original from…...
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My hobby which is driving
...I have waited for several hours at times and when u are coming back from a club or bar and have a few drinks in you, I doubt you are in no mood to wait that long. That's when some may resort to taking a cab, but not everyone could afford that luxury,...

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