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Advertising Board of the Philippines

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (336 words)
Categories: Advertising
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The Advertising Board of the Philippines, also known as Adboard is composed of eight national organizations involved in advertising that are unified together to uphold the progress of Philippine advertising through self-regulation. Being the umbrella organization of the advertising industry, its mission is to practice world class advertising along with advocating professional ethics through responsible and truthful advertising.

Adboard was formerly known as the Philippine Board of Advertising. The board was formed as a result of a series of meetings in 1973 by leaders in the advertising industry.

They felt the urge to commit themselves in creating a committee to achieve their goal in serving the interests of the nation. The Board was established on May 3, 1974.

ADBOARD, being the mother and umbrella association of TEN (10) member-associations such as OAAP, PANA, 4As, ASAP, UPMG, IBA, MORES, IMMAP, MSAP and CAAP, also has its own Standards of Trade Practices and Conduct representing the trade practices from various advertising sectors, with which OAAP is the only recognized outdoor advertising association.

The Adboard seal is symbolic of the 5 areas of endeavor engaged in by the nine (9) associations comprising AdBoard; advertiser, advertising agency, media, advertising services sector and the consumer sector.

The 5 elements are shown as adjacent circles, which symbolize unity and harmony. They appear to be in motion which depicts vitality and dynamism. The background is a deep blue field which symbolizes social consciousness and service to country. Adboard promotes truthful and informative advertising for the benefit of consumers and the public in general and upgrades the practice of advertising in order to develop public confidence in advertised products and services and in the credibility of advertising as an economic activity.

It also strengthens the effectiveness of the industry’s self-regulations and enhances professional relationship and to promote greater cooperation among the various sectors of the industry. Adboard develops industry awareness and commitment to its social responsibilities, including the promotion of values and lastly, to enhance the industry’s contribution to economic progress and in nation-building.

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