Actions vs Thoughts

Thoughts…they are the basis for our creativity and are what separate us from other animals. Without thinking, we are just mindless zombies living for the sole purpose of surviving. We do not act without putting some thought into it.

Some say that thinking without an action is pointless, because it will accomplish nothing in the real world.

But, that is not true. In mathematics, we connect problems and solve them all in our heads, and we can apply those problems in the real world. We have to think, so that we are able to process what is happening around us and apply it to our situation.

Thinking is what leads to actions, so obviously thinking is more important than just an action. Although, in most religions, you have to show your devotion by using your actions. Which helps prove the quote “Actions speak louder than words.” But, the actions that are significant enough to be noticed are based on the thoughts that went into creating it.

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People tend to retain what they learned when it’s hands on. They learn by doing rather than thinking. They want to learn from their mistakes , so that they understand how to apply it and correct that mistake. Kinesthetic learners is the definition for people who learn better by doing rather than thinking.

So, in some instances, thinking it through and being rational and precise is more important than doing. But in other instances, we thrive inexplicably by just going with the flow and allowing your actions to speak louder than words to become more important than them.

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Actions vs Thoughts

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