Academic Challenges and Social Difficulties

Frequent moves are tough on kids and disrupt important friendships. These effects are most problematic for kids who are introverted and those whose personalities tend toward anxiety and inflexibility. Specifically, adults who moved frequently as kids have fewer high quality relationships and tend to score lower on well-being and life satisfaction. Fortunately, the results like all findings in psychology are more nuanced than that. One major reason that kids are negatively affected by moves is that moves are often precipitated by problems, a divorce, job loss, that are tough on the family.

Moves are also hardest on kids in the midst of other transitions like puberty and school changes. Middle school seems to be the toughest time to make a transition.’ (Darling, 2010)

These two students may face a lot of difficulties as they move and transition into a different environment and life style. In this society students need balance in life, work, and school. Two challenges I would like to discuss would be Academic Challenges and Social Difficulties.

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I choose academic Challenges because first grade level all the way to the last level of high school work can vary from one school district on to the next. A student can be doing so good at his current school, competing and ranking the highest of the school with his or her overall GPA or school grades then move to a school that he or she may fall short and it ends up affecting them.

In the school year, many different teachers and classrooms move at different paces and may probably be learning something totally different from what the student just learned at its previous school, so a student may come in ahead of, or behind the new school’s schedule.

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Also, another advantage or it can be a disadvantage would be that teachers also have different teaching styles and methods, which may give a student learning problem.

Social Difficulties is another challenge they may go through. In my opinion when you develop a relationship with those around you every day even if it’s just passing a person through the halls, working with them on projects, tutoring classes, and so much more those kinds of relationships are important for the confidence and academic success of students.

When students switch schools, he or she may leave an environment where they know most of their peers and has several strong relationships so that they can be guided through struggle’s, needs someone to speak to and just have a strong bond with. At the new school, the new student doesn’t know anyone initially and may feel isolated from everyone. This kind of behavior and feelings can put the parents, teachers, and school in a situation on where they are trying to help the student adjust and engage in the school’s activities so that they can open up more and feel comfortable with peers and those who are trying to help the student.

There are have been studies that examines the youth’s perceptions of being treated differently because of mental health problems by family members, peers, and school staff when moving around to different schools and countries. In my opinion I feel that both students will be noticed that they are new and their ethnicity, I say this because I have been in this situation before I am mixed and whenever I spoke or the way I dressed students have noticed an approached me with questions like where I am from, or what is my race, what do I do for fun involving my culture and so much more. It was honestly fun and interesting to explain to my peers that I was different from them and that’s how many friendships have grown since then. I never expected such a supporting group, I expected from what I’ve seen on tv shows and movies judgmental people, bullying and so much more.

In my opinion I think the students can experience a lot, they will be around a lot of different people who may or may not be supportive of their ethnicity but I’m pretty sure they will find those they can grow a bond with like I did. My teacher once said ‘diversity makes us all smarter”. “Researchers have documented that students’ exposure to other students who are different from themselves and the novel ideas and challenges that such exposure brings leads to improved cognitive skills, including critical thinking and problem solving.’ (Weller, 2017)

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Academic Challenges and Social Difficulties

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