Abortion - Average Rate of Change

Annually, the hospitals are always meet a many woman go to hospital to abort because they don’t want to infant was born because they’re studying in the school or college, some reasons we don’t know. It’s affect health’s woman. That’s why many hospital had a statistic about abortion to find a new resolution to reduce a rate of abortion in the United States. In the 1973, the events Roe v. Wade made a increase abortion in that time.

For example, the rate of abortion from 1973 to 1981 increase 1.63. To do that, some scientist had use average rate of change to find. They’re use average rate of change because the scientists want to know how much the value from statistics decrease or increase. Thanks to increase or decrease, scientist or doctor can find a new solution to help decrease by teaching about sex education.

In addition, doctor want to a change is a good or bad so that they can make adjustments to create a good society, children whose have parents.

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Scientists picked 2 number minus and divided for distance of year, so they’re can know about the percent or the abortion increase or decrease during a time. The events of Roe v. Wade made a marker a happened in the U.S because the pregnant protected from the government. After 1980s, the rate of abortion was decrease, maybe, the woman or students had to study about sex education so people can know how they protect themselves are? Thanks to doctor teach about sex education so people understood about the harmful abort infant.

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It decrease 43.8% from 1981 to 2017. To do that, I have (13.5-29.3)/ (2017-1981), so I know how much reduce over that time. When it is decrease, it is new thing very happy because many children will see their parents. To conclude, average rate of change make the data of abortion more clearly and prevent the bad situation come to the girls or woman.

Instantaneous rate of change — Population

France where is the country with many beautiful place, beautiful architect like Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. Nowadays, we know about the population France is 66.6 millions of people. People want know how much growth of in instantaneous. So people use an instantaneous rate of change for finding a result in during a time. Instantaneous used for describing a motivate something in during have define a time. Instantaneous apply for finding instantaneous around a time like instantaneous acceleration, physics, or marginal cost, profit.

Why people use instantaneous rate of change? Because it help people know the number is instantaneous and people have a long goal to develop or improve something. It help people are knowledge they’re need to improve not good about they’re doing. Like in China, government had use instantaneous rate of change to find the rate of gender between male and female. China’s fertility rate is declining due to the one-child policy. Based on that, the Chinese government encourages people to have more children and they will reward them. That’s example people use instantaneous rate of change in the life.

I will use the information to find the growth of a change in the 1946, I will choose other close a point in the 1946, so I can find an instantaneous rate of growth. We can know about the population in that time will 500, 000 of people. So it makes the data of people correct even the number of people are big. To sum up, instantaneous average of change applied in population make lots of beneficial for the government also citizens easily catch up the information to have the ways to control and solve the problem when the country have population exceeded the allowed level.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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