OEE Performance rate x Availability x Quality rate

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OEE = Performance rate x Availability x Quality rate

It can save companies from making inappropriate purchases and help them to improve performance of machinery and equipments. It ensures tool and equipments reliability. Time study is the analysis and determination of the minimum necessary time to perform a given task earlier given by the motion study. The motion study simplifies the work and time study measures the (time of) work. This implies to most important step that is planning and scheduling of maintenance jobs so that the jobs can be executed properly and desired results can be obtained.

Scheduling is the function of coordinating all the logistical issues around the issues regarding the execution phase of the work. This can also uncover some areas of planning deficiency. Effective scheduling essentially deals with realistic thinking, based on substantial data and records. Planning and scheduling of jobs provide further reference for micro-planning.


The PM methodology’s effectiveness has been verified by using it in an Industry’s maintenance yard.

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The aim has been to check the output of this methodology by comparing it with the conventional model of maintenance, which had been carried out until the PM’s introduction. The PM model has given a reduction of the downtime by 20%, when compared to the conventional maintenance method. This obviously, is a benchmark in the company’s past records. The PM model has thus gained a strong ground in the industry. Along with the reduced downtime, the improvement in the work?environment can be observed with ease.

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This in turn has cultivated in the increased approach of customers of the region as much as by 30%. The delivering of the service has gone up to a higher rate and in giving a quality output, compared to the old results.

The management and handling of Tools and Equipments has been shaped up to a better level. This has been made possible by using the QR- codes and Scanning devices that put a check on the handlers of the tools/equipments. This has reduced the tool theft factor by an unaccountable value.

Along with this, attention of the staff has been attracted by Sequencing of Tools. This has enabled a proper tool replacement and maintenance time-table thereby making no absence of the tools/equipments during the operational hours.

The ‘ABC’ analysis has also been adopted in the industry which has made the management of goods/equipments/tools easy. The tools/equipments have been arranged and documented on the basis of their demand, by using this technique, the replacement and/or replenishment of the stock has become less tedious and therefore, inventory control has seen appreciable climb.


This work reports an investigation into the flexible Preventive Maintenance policy of a Plant. To carry out a successful Preventive Maintenance, a list of known?unknown, most prioritized-least prioritized, assets-liabilities were a must. Upon creating the list, it becomes fairly feasible to work with the phenomenal policy towards a positive expected outcome. Shortlisting the staff, tools, timeline for individual jobs helped in reducing the downtime to the least thereby increasing the efficiency of the job. This model established can be optimized to be used for other sort of plants, a manufacturing unit, for the sake of example, which is the basis for future research.


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OEE Performance rate x Availability x Quality rate
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