Depicting a Record High Average Student Loan Rate

Did you know, in 2019 college graduates left school with student loans $37,172 approx., which was $200 more than what was estimated in the year 2018? This gives a clear image all-time high for mean student loan levels. And, the majority of students and their families are in search of remedies to circumvent being part of the student loan debt crisis. With the ambition to ensure a college degree with exponentially increasing college costs, families are struggling with one of the arduous decisions of their lives: How to pay for college fees without being suppressed under student loan debts?

They are in constant search looking for Student debt relief ways.

Let us learn a few ways to secure a college degree without major student loan debts. Find free money How about money that doesn't oblige repayments and no interest charges? Sounds like a good option for college funding, as you are not supposed to pay and there is no payback involved

  •  Typically, Free Application for Federal Student Aid grants is ascertained based on financial needs or career paths.
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  •  The Scholarships can be rewarded for almost anything, billions of dollars are out there waiting for broke and needy students to apply for it.
  • Irrespective of popular misconceptions, students can find scholarships even if they don’t have a perfect score or don't belong to low-income groups.
  •  Crowdfunding money for your tuition fee. Broke or needy students can start a campaign to raise donations for their college fee.
  •  Many employers encourage their employees to pursue higher education by offering some type of tuition reimbursement.
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Make Money

Typically, students experience cold feet being when told, they must work during college to support tuition fees. There are several less painful options for earning during school than a full-time job. A checklist to consider while looking for a part-time job to support college fee:

  •  Flexibility
  •  Descent wages
  •  Positive work atmosphere

Below are a few jobs that meet the above-mentioned checklist:

  • Intern or teacher associate in your college
  • Babysit
  • Freelance
  •  Work as a tutor

Learn to reduce your expenses Rather than managing the weight of student loan debts, why not learn to reduce everyday expenses. A few ways to achieve it:

  •  Leave your car at home, save money by cutting gas, parking, insurance, maintenance expenses
  •  Choose to live in affordable rents
  • Reduce food expenses by cooking than eating out
  • Reduce academic expenses by using used or older edition textbooks.

Student Loan Consolidation

It is a process through which students can take a new loan and use it to pay off existing student loan debts. This process helps the student and by consolidating multiple debts into one. The amount of Student Debt Consolidation, you are eligible to borrow is based on college costs for a specific year. Student Loan Consolidation is a big-time student debt relief. Student Loan consolidation can simplify your debt burden, but you need to do it carefully, so as you don’t lose the benefits you currently have. But firstly you need to check if you are eligible to consolidate student debt. A few basic criteria are:

  •  Not enrolled in any school currently
  •  Good repayment history
  •  Some set minimum dollars in loans
Updated: Jan 03, 2022
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