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A True Muslim

Assignment : Concept of Salat
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CCFB 1041 FARDHU 'AIN CLASS (BROTHER) Section5 ASSIGNMENT CONCEPT OF SALAT and CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER NAME: XXXXXXXXX MATRIX NO. : 111XXXX LECTURER : XXXXXXXXXX 1. ORIGIN OF SALAT Salat is the 2nd pillar among the 5 pillars of islam. it is a daily practises that must be performed by each and every muslim. Some people believe that salat only begin after prophet Muhammad (s. a. w. ) was brought to allah through isra’and mi’raj. But was it?The rituals of Salat, and…...
Are we True Muslims of Allah
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Today I am going to discuss whether we are true servants of Allah. Many of us say that we are Allah's servants but do are actions really confirm it. There are three ways in which we can check if we really are the true servants of Allah. First we must know that he is our master and we are his slaves and we are entirely devoted to him. Secondly, we should only do those actions which will earn his pleasure…...
Muslim Cities DBQ
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The Post-Classical Era was a time of goodness in the Middle East. Goods were plentiful, Islam was spreading, and the people were wealthy. The Muslim cities spread innovations throughout the world. The document groupings for the discussion of this topic are as follows: Documents 2, 1, and 5 are for city significance. Documents 3, 5, and 8 are for importance of trade. Finally, documents 4, 6, and 9 are for government and its role. Document 7 has been omitted due…...
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