Awareness of The Muslim In America

There will be increased awareness of who Muslims are and the understanding that attitudes differ amongst them. There could be bad Muslims amongst them just as to other communities. The fear that grows in other Americans regarding the Muslim community will be overcome. People will be able to see them as normal people in society and stop running away from them. A Muslim will not be labeled as a terrorist when no crime has been committed. Health providers will be knowledgeable and avoid discrimination, bias, stereotype and know how to care for their mental needs.

Muslim women will be able to walk around wearing hijab without fear of being harassed. Communities will be able to live peacefully with one another. Hate crimes will be reduced or eliminated. Encouraging the government to make policies addressing racial discrimination amongst the Muslim community. This will give them a sense of acknowledgment to this issue. Encourage organization and other groups so that they can work close together to serve this population with their challenges such as racial equality and prejudice.

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The public and the charity organizations should be encouraged to collect more information on Muslims and the faith to serve them better with no inequalities.

Muslims should be referred to appropriate resources which can help combat the fear and hate crimes and other mental issues. Community meetings should be held inviting everyone including the Muslims. This will give a chance for them to express their feelings and for non-Muslims to hear them. More forums around the nation should be created to increase how Islamophobia and all forms of racism can affect people’s lives.

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Data should be collected on the radical Muslims and the faith to differentiate the characteristics from the good Muslims. Some Muslims uses their faith to commit crimes which is not what the faith is all about. Accepting Muslims practices of faith, culture and women wear hijah. There are many other cultural practices that have traditional wear so theirs should not be different.


Resistance could be encountered during implementation because not everyone may be able to listen or ready to believe in them. Another challenge during this process could be threat from those who are rejecting the idea of accepting the Muslim or refusing them as part of the community. According to Talat Ahmed, the state has a role in promoting Islamophobia and at the potential for resistance. Also, anti-Muslims comments have become a subject on TV and social media. With this, some people will push away any efforts of change or understanding.

Taking time to single out all these information by differentiating the real from wrong may change some people’s mind. To address such challenges, more information will be gathered on those activities that differentiate what radical Muslims does from the regular in the community. A list of crimes could also be arranged identifying those committed by the non-Muslims and those committed by the radical Islamic. These might ease the tension in anyone rejecting these proposals. There are some people who need simple explanation with clarifying evidence to get them going.


Given the layout of the plan, there is a possibility of it working especially with the plan of bringing everyone in a gathering. That may increase trust and understanding of each other’s culture. The idea of looking at how the radical Muslims are different from the good Muslim may better educate and increase awareness of who this group are.

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