A Story Essay Topics

A Cristmas Carrol

After visiting the Cornish tin mines in 1842 Charles Dickens wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’ during the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution made a big change in people’s life because this was the introduction into machines in the workplace. In the Victorian times there were lots of poor and rich people, but the rich didn’t talk… View Article

The main themes of the story

‘A Christmas Carol’ is the most famous Christmas novella; whenever we think of Christmas we think of Scrooge. Dicken’s deliberately chose to publish the book around because people are usually more generous at this time; it is the season of Goodwill. The story was set in Victorian London in the 19th century, when the city… View Article

A Christmas Carol

I feel that the modern day audience would find it almost shocking, that people lived in such poverty accepting their life. It just wouldn’t be acceptable by modern day standards. I could feel the atmosphere of depressing 19th century England when it described how nothing could influence scrooge no “external heat or cold”, “no warmth… View Article

‘The first miracle’ by Jeffery Archer

Jeffery Archer was once an M.P and deputy chairman of the conservative party he now lives in Cambridge with his wife and two sons. He has written many books and a fictitious play called ‘The accused’ in which he plays himself in a legal battle to clear himself of murder .At the end of the… View Article

Cover story

To investigate what level of obedience participants would show when an authority figure told them to administer electric shocks to another person. Participants: Obtained from advertisements + direct mailing. Self selected or volunteer sample.  40 males: 20-50 yrs old from New Haven area in the United Stated of America.  Job ranges Included: postal clerks, HS… View Article

Illuminate and contrast with the main story line

The Subplot: Consider the significance of the subplot and examine Shakespeare’s dramatic use of it to illuminate and contrast with the main story line. Shakespeare uses the subplot in many ways; it both accents the main story line and reminds the audience of Henry’s tainted past. The subplot helps to dramatise the play through contrasting… View Article

The Triangulation of Love in The Knights Tale

In “The Knight’s Tale,” the first story of The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer uses the triangle to investigate the abstract complexity of life’s most powerful emotion—love. Since “love is law unto itself,” it can be a challenge to examine its erratic nuances critically. Yet Chaucer, through the symbolic geometry of a triangle, masterfully establishes a… View Article

The Same Story

Write A Detailed Comparison On The Way Of How A Tabloid Newspaper (The Sun) And A Broadsheet Newspaper (The Times) Treat The Same Story. The purpose of this essay is to write a detailed comparison based on the ways of how different newspapers present their data in order to attract custom. I will be looking… View Article

The Zoo Story

Analyse the dramatic effect of a passage, paying close attention to the language and stage directions whilst relating your observations to your understanding of post-1945 Drama. (PASSAGE- from pg. 27- ‘GET AWAY FROM MY BENCH! A’ to the end of the play) During the passage I have selected here, the dramatic tension that has been… View Article

Quest motif in John Cheever’s short story ‘The Swimmer’

The destination of any journey is a profound realization of some kind – literally, the realization of one’s goal, metaphorically often a consciousness of one’s reality. For an individual on a mission, a quest – the arrival at the truth is the final destination. The motif of quest has been used diversely in literature from… View Article

Sweeney’s story

The plot of the movie focuses solely around Sweeney Todd’s story. The musical version also contains tangent plots that touch on Sweeney’s story. These periphery plots round out the story and demonstrate how the characters lives unfold right into Sweeney’s hands. It is unknown whether the reduction in character development and plot is due to… View Article

The La Sylphide’s story

The ballet performed today and the ballet performed before are actually two different performances. The word or term ballet was originally used to refer to the dances performed by men, in the Italian court during the Renaissance period because it was thought to be disgraceful to women. The part of the ballet dance that should… View Article

Story of All America’s Cultures

In “Let’s Tell the Story of All American Cultures” (517), Yuh underlines the importance and necessity of community improvement. The key argument is that our children should be provided with skills to improve America, American society and assist in country’s further development. The author talks that she was brought up with the idea that America… View Article

Funding my used book store

This will be an outlet that deals in second-hand or used books. Literacy of a people is the foundation of a nation. We wish to encourage the culture of reading in order to eliminate illiteracy. We have chosen to go this route due to affordability. The shop’s name “Daily Books” is bound to be a… View Article

The Rattler Essay

The author?? s techniques in Rattler convey not only a feeling of sadness and remorse but also a sense of the man?? s acceptance of the snake?? s impending death. The reader can sense the purpose of the author?? s effective message through the usage of diction, imagery, and organization. The author uses diction in… View Article