In 2000, Fahim Mashroor, with a group of his University friends ventured to start an online job listing site that can help young job seekers and professionals of the country to find out vacancy information. The largest job marketplace and recruitment platform is Morethen 20, 000 small to large size recruiters use this site for their different types of needs related to recruitment. bdjobs. com also runs the largest corporate training marketplace. The visionary leader Fahim mashroor started his Internet venture when the rate of Internet adoption was very low in the country.

But his dedication, passion and perseverance help him to achieve success in this first Internet venture.

Later on, he invested in many internet ventures and gave leadership. For example:, the largest B2C online marketplace in the country and, the only local language social network of the country. Fahim mashroor is also a part of management in few other technology ventures. He complete his graduation from the University of Dhaka in Economics and also had his MBA from the same university in the Institute of Business and Administration (IBA).

A.K.M Fahim Mashroor and his friends vision was creat more employment opportunities in the country, and bring Internet technology in the mainstream business and economic life of the society.

Fahim Mashroor is one of the eight professionals who remains very passionate about doing something for the advancement of his country based on the technology. Later after, he become the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Bdjobs.

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com.Ltd. He believes that honesty and clarity in purpose can help a person to achieve any difficult target. As a leader, he thinks that the most important thing is to have confidence in the team members and empower them. In mid 40s, new goals are set by Fahim mashroor which are centered around creating lot of employment opportunities for the young generation in the country through skill enhancement and new technology adoption. Fahim mashroor believes that the new generation small entrepreneurs are the major employment creators . That’s why, he currently focus on the development of entrepreneurship and youth engagement.

Involvement in Social and Other Professional bodies

Fahim Mashroor has also been involved in a number of social development activities in voluntary capacity. He is one of the trustee and Governing Body Member of D.Net, a non-profit development organization working in the fields of ICT literacy and promotion of ICT for social development. He is currently serving as an Elected Director of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services). He also served as BASIS President in 2013, and Senior Vice President in 2010-11. Recognitions and awards: He has received several numbers of awards because of outstanding contributions and services in Technology industry of Bangladesh. Few of the notable awards are -2018- Best SME Entrepreneur (Service Category). Awarded by SME Foundation 2016 — E- Business of the Year. Awarded by The Daily Star and BASIS 2014- ICT Personality of the year . Awarded by Ministry of ICT
2008- Best Young Entrepreneur.

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