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A is for Acceptance in American History

A is for Acceptance

American history is so rich with remarkable events that changed the country as it’s known to date. The most essential time period, historically, is the 1960’s. During this time, politics shaped America into the beautiful melting pot that it is known as today. It hasn’t always been easy, combining many countries together.

Achieving union has not always been an easy job. The Civil Rights Movement, which began in the 1940’s, lasted until 1968. Why were the American people so angry? Well, it had to do with the faint, easily disguised bit of judgement that was undeniable yet unjustified, segregation was at fault.

Our founding fathers themselves could not decide what to do with this feeling except refer to African Americans as, “three fifths of all other Persons.” Slavery was dead! Americans merely gave slaves or indentured servants the persona that they were free, while bitterly blackballing them at the same time. Prejudice is not a form of hatred.

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It is an absence of love, of accepting people for who they are and not where they come from.

It is a misconception that America has always been this big nation unified with cultures. We have been countlessly scouring at other people’s religions or looks because, as a whole, we have similar tastes. The Civil Rights Movement was a starting point. This was a catalyst for becoming a place where anyone can feel at home. Without this period, America would truly be very dull.

The Civil Rights Movement was lead by strong leaders that are well known such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.

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It all started with the case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka where the Supreme Court decided that racial segregation in schools was unjust. Just one year later, stubborn Rosa Parks literally put her foot down on the infamous bus when she was told to move just because of her racial difference. Rosa is the reason that Martin Luther King decided to take a stand on the matter. Soon after, racial segregation on buses and in schools was banned. Actions spoke much louder than words when students again attacked the new African American students at Little Rock Central School. Even during abuse, African Americans held their peaceful means.

The best way to describe Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King’s time is as a breakthrough for peaceful ways to achieve a message. And even more essential, a breakthrough for the way we view each other. Martin Luther King had several protests

If I could pick any single moment to travel, I would choose to observe Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermon, “Three Evils of Society”. It would be an honor to listen to a man so driven and inspired to remain peaceful in a time of violence. I chose this specific sermon because it fits into my understanding of how this era changed society’s view of one another.

Although we are not perfect, Americans showed the initiative to start changing and evolving in ideas about how we treat each other starting in the 1940’s.

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