22nd Century: An Engineer of the Past, Present, and Future

In this essay of the 22nd century, I will for most define what is century and engineer. “Century is a period of 100 years passing and an engineer is a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems in the society”. (Duta.in dictionary). I will be elaborating more on the past, present, future engineers and also take into account the Nina Simsone song the 22nd century.

Exposure to science, mathematics, technology, and engineering during our undergraduate careers is good preparation for a “wide variety of societal roles; and that the nation will depend increasingly on a citizenry with a solid base of scientific and technical understanding.

This is the kinder formula the past present and future they used to become engineers. This is the similar thing us engineers but differ in the categories of engineering but go through the same struggle.

Engineers are known to make lives easier to the civilians the society when we look in the past we use to send letters via mailbox but now engineers modify everything by making cell phones.

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As am talking about the past people use to walk long distances but engineers invented bicycles, motorbikes, and cars. The future engineers’ technologies are currently designing robots as I have seen it in Japan soccer bots. In the next years to come robots will be doing our jobs for example police-bots, cleaning boats and more. Now I believe in the next century the world will be a field with extraordinary technology, for example, flying cars as we have plane currently that work on the air.

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“Tomorrow it will become yesterday and It will be, it will be, it will be ahh”.( Nina Simone).

The present “another aspect of materials is the movement to miniaturization and modularity. Small modules use less material and energy and lend themselves to convenient replacement and centralized repair or reclamation. Miniaturisation, however, is moving well beyond devices one might hold in the palm of one’s hand or balance on the top of a fingernail. Microdevices smaller than the cross-section of a human hair are now in commerce. Those devices will function as sensors, actuators, and functioning elements in boundless applications in machines, and in living beings (including people) as measuring instruments and controls. Beyond micro machines lies the more speculative Nanoworld of devices three 40 orders of magnitude smaller than the micro world.” (Joseph Coates, p33). The present engineers have created so much extraordinary technology to make our lives easier for example smartboard when teaching (high school level) and tablets are given to learners from grade 10-12, laptops in the institution is a must-have the tech for students for completion of assignments and currently us assessing blackboard.

“The future is uncertain. However, one thing is clear; engineering will not operate in a vacuum separate from society in next coming years, any more than it does now. Both on a macro scale, where the world’s natural resources will be stressed by population increases, and on a micro scale, where engineers need to understand how to work in teams to be effective, consideration of social issues is important to engineering.” (Center for Science,

Mathematics, and Engineering Education, 1996, p. 4)

The world is now looking forward what the future engineer will bring in the society. One thing in my mind is robots; robots are the future that the engineers will perfect in the next quarter century (25 century). These robots may take our jobs soon, for example, police bots, cleaning bots, security bots, and soccer bots. The flying machine cars will be one to look for; so far we have a battery charging car and also auto parking cars. Lamborghini cars cannot ignite if the driver is drunk which is a smart technology designed by engineers.

Recommendations for what the nation or institutions or schools must implement proper programs for us “engineering schools should lend their energies to a national effort to improve math, science, and engineering education at the level. Four-year engineering schools must accept it as their responsibility to work with their local community colleges to ensure effective articulation, as seamless as possible, with their two-year programs. adapt development programs to support the professional growth of engineering faculty as well as delivering content, engineering schools must teach engineering students how to learn and must play a continuing role along with professional organizations in facilitating lifelong learning, perhaps through offering “executive” technical degrees. Whatever other creative approaches are taken in the four-year engineering curriculum, the essence of engineering, the iterative process of designing, predicting performance, building, and testing should be taught from the earliest stages of the curriculum, including the first year.” (Busch-Vishniac, I., and J. Jarosz. 2004)

What I know engineers do not remain the same the past engineers are passed by the present engineers and the present are passed by the future engineers but the past engineers made the present and the future more extraordinary because the invented all the formulas or strategies to the present and the future engineers so for us is to jell on the glove to design new things unique.

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