On 22nd April 1999 my sister and I were born

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On 22nd April 1999, my sister and I were born. Unlike other twins, we were too different to even be called sisters: One was big and the other one was thin, one was stubborn and the other one Silent, One was into sciences and the other one into humanities, one liked socializing and the other one simply loved an easy and lonely life. So many things about them that could not at all intersect: They had unending parallel characters. But, who knew our differences could make our parents prefer one over the other? I personally could not get it, I thought that the beauty in the differences between me and my sister was to make our parents be more interested in learning how to deal with both of us respectively, but, apparently, I was wrong.

My name is Celine, the big, stubborn, social humanity girl. All the life my parents always preferred my twin sister and elder sister to me. To them, they were cleverer because they majored in the mighty sciences.

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I could always try my best to find pleasure in learning sciences, just for the sake of seeing my parents proud of me too, But as years went by I actually found that there is nothing I could do best than being myself. I never got it why my parents undermined my abilities in doing best in humanities than in sciences. Well, I absolutely got it that stereotypes made them think that some courses where better than others, and that some talents and characters also valued more than the others, but, regardless of all that, I was not going to let myself be overtaken by the eagerness I had at that time of experiencing how parental support and pride felt.

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For the first three years of high school I mostly studied everything: humanities and sciences, as we were required by the Rwandan education curriculum, but, after that, I chose to major only in humanities and leave behind sciences for I knew they were not meant for me. For the first time in my whole schooling experience I had found an environment that totally matched with my characters : the classes were lively and made more sense to me that science did, the extra-curricular absolutely met my talents and ambitions, for example, the journalism club that allowed me to speak out as much as I wished; I was, at last, living in a community that found meaning in what I said and thought, friends who loved me just the way I was and never tried to compare my characters to anybody else’s characters, friends who were more like a family I ever wished to have.

I lived my life to the fullest and not theirs (my parents), I know regrets are never to come, for, the heart I followed never deceives me. I know with time my parents will learn to embrace me just the way I am, they will learn that no character is better than the other and that most of all diversity is what makes us human. For now, one thing is for sure, I won’t let what I can do be interfered by what iI can’t do. Time flies, that’s for sure, and won’t let it leave me with regrets.

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On 22nd April 1999 my sister and I were born

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