10 Reasons Why People Lie

The invention of lying probably dates back to the invention of communication itself. It can be said that lying is, in fact, a basic need for social existence. A lie can serve a lot of purposes. We take a look upon the most common reasons for which people resort to lying.

1. To Please

In order to maintain the pleasantness of any social situation, people have to lie. Questions like ‘How do I look?’, ‘Am I getting Fat?’ or ‘Did you like my gift?’ are bound to fetch lies.

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2. To Save Your Own Face

You have got to accept that there are certain truths about everyone that are best kept hidden. It is much easier to simply lie than to share embarrassing truths about oneself.

3. To Avoid Favours

The percentage of people who are always on the ready to help is fairly low. Most of the population would simply lie rather than actually be of use to somebody else.

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4. To Avoid Long Conversations

Sometime truth can invite a long discourse of unneeded advice, further questions or criticism. The crisis of time is universal to all people and some people have no other option than lying to avoid long conversations.

5. To Boast

Though these lies are more or less harmless, they are way too common. Some people have this need to feel better about themselves which they try to suffice by painting a better picture of themselves in front of others.

6. To Get Benefits

It is no secret that everyone lies a little bit in an interview or to get an interview.

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The lure of other worldly things and benefits can also prompt people to lie.

7. To Evade Punishment

This point needs no explanation as we all lied to our teachers in school to avoid punishment. People lie to their superiors, parents or spouse to avoid any kind of punishment or penalty.

8. To Gel In

The social needs of people often make them tell lies. Many people succumb to peer pressure and fabricate lies about themselves just to fit in better.

9. To Prove a Point

Some adamant people may easily resort to lying just to prove their point. This adamant class of people can also get quite creative when it comes to lying.

10. To Influence

Lies can be a small part of big schemes of conniving people. People can get really elaborate with lies in order to change an opinion of someone. Lying is so common that some people even lie just for the sake of it. The reasons for lying are as vast as the human imagination and no list can possibly encompass all the reasons for which humans lie.

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10 Reasons Why People Lie

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