Youth Employment Services (YES) in South Africa

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South Africa is well known for its high unemployment rates mostly common amongst those less fortunate South African citizens thus causing such a break in our economy as a whole however, with YES being a newly introduced platform things could possibly change for the better as there is now hope future with the help of our New President Cyril Ramaphosa and hopeful serious learners striving for a better outlook on life. YES is a platform based solely on the Youth, to give them opportunities as YES is business led industry.

Throughout this essay we will look deeper into what YES offers, how their solutions about unemployment could be beneficial as well the reasons for why South Africa faces high unemployment rates.

YES objectives is to create employment for the young people of South Africa, focusing on the proper way as to how to construct a well-planned CV and reference letter which could evidently increases their chances of employment and to ensure that they as well understand what it means to be employed and how portraying yourself could be an advantage to be a potential employee.

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YES aims to help and encourage people by using research and methods from domains which focuses on behavioral science, psychology and neuroscience. YES is about offering the Youth a chance to succeed in a business led collaboration with the government. Main drive is to encourage the demand side of job creation by investments made by companies as well as maximizing government factors such as Tax Incentives and BBBEE recognition this will be achieved by appointing black unemployed youth whereby they may receive work experience, training, gaining knowledge about the working environment.

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YES focuses on three main areas where employment creation efforts are more likely to be beneficial and have the most immediate effect by:

  1. Implementing relations with the SMME’s which are South Africa’s major employers.
  2. Creating new partners in SMME’s by implementing value chain enterprises as well as sharing knowledge over different industries.

Major causes for unemployment in South Africa

There are many causes for the high unemployment rates in South Africa, factors that we see on a daily. Majority of these factors are caused by the circumstances and not choices as no one chooses to be poor or undereducated but unfortunately there are many young/ youth individuals whom come from the borders of urban areas where there is fewer resources and services implemented for them to give them an opportunity to better their lives thus causing such a high risk of these kids being involved in crime and drugs related crimes as they are not given a better opportunity because of lack of involvement or reinforces. Many low income families go through this vicious cycle and it never changes because of their living conditions and the way society ‘unintentionally’ causes a divide between those whom are privileged and those who are not, with YES being implemented there is now a chance for the less fortunate to be noticed and also to be taken into consideration in the work force. There are two types of strategies that need analysis with the view of sensitive policy implications that needs to be dealt with immediately. First one looking at Labor Market and the Economy and why the Economy is unable to take in the increasing numbers of unemployed economically active youth citizens.

The second part focuses on the Youth Organization and Mobilization which leads to the risks to be diminished and thus implement opportunities that must be brought about for a well-established youth transition in South Africa. South Africa’s population consist of a high percentage of youth with those below the age of 35 years at 66% of our total population out of a total of 36 million people out if that a shocking 24% of the population are aged between 15 and 24 years between these statistics 52.6% of them is suffering from Youth unemployment. This means that every 10 unemployed individuals 7 are youth thus being a crisis of current generation. With this being said, a youthful population is always seen as an advantage for increasing growth and development. From studies done, it was identified that the youth are most pioneering, risk-taking as well as ground-breaking but due to the increasing structural unemployment leads to a low growth leading to a well-equipped youth becoming a youth liability.

Factors That May Influence The Success Of YES

Our skills output has been conceded by the poor performance of our Sector Education Authorities. Therefore new enticements such as Tax Allowances should be implemented to drastically increase the acceptance of learnerships and internships.

The Youth must also be guided towards being business minded aka entrepreneurial as that is the future to have young entrepreneurs such can only be achieved through specialized funding a well as product development by the Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and also private banking. Due to our Educational System failing the youth we are still required to create a platform for accommodating the millions of unskilled, less fortunate young citizens. This will be done by combining direct public employment schemes and implementing opportunities in labor intensive markets for those who lack skills to accomplish this we would need to obtain improvements in our labor market policies through wage grants and including incentives for productivity thus increasing employment. Ultimately all opportunities should be agreed upon by employers, government and labor unions.

Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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