Yellow Fever and it's Affecting Brazil 

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So far, 2017 has been a rough year for Brazil. They are currently experiencing one of the most monumental outbreaks of Yellow Fever ever seen in history. Yellow Fever is actually relatively common in Brazil, but not to the scale in which it is occurring currently. The disease is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the same type of mosquito that carries the Zika virus, Dengue Fever, and many other harmful viruses (Sun). In order to prevent the spread of this relentless outbreak, a massive increase in production of vaccinations must be organized.

Furthermore, insect repellents and the avoidance of common mosquito dense locations should be taken into consideration (“Gear Spotlight”). The South American country of Brazil is currently experiencing one of the largest epidemics of Yellow Fever, a mosquito borne virus, ever seen in history, with a record high number of cases in 2017 alone; a solution must be found quickly to stop the spread of the virus.

Yellow Fever is usually seen in tropical areas such as the pestiferous Brazilian rainforests and Amazonian ecosystems, where it is often contracted by native monkeys (Cardoso 1921).

Every now and then, a human becomes infected by being exposed to these tropical areas, and the virus spreads from there. This time, the outbreak began in December of 2016 by infecting a person in a rural area and spreading vigorously from person to person until it reached the scale that it is on today. According to Brazilian officials, the virus is spreading more quickly and widely ranged than ever before.

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Brazil is currently experiencing a shortage of medication to treat everyone, so the government is frantically searching for companies to produce more vaccines to keep this disease from getting even more infectious (Jurberg 165). If a solution to this major issue is going to be found, it must be done immediately and efficiently, with help from all aspects of both the Brazilian government and society.

In order to avoid the contraction of Yellow Fever, patients must be injected with the vaccination so their bodies are able to build up antibodies if they happen to come in contact with it. The disease is so ferocious that an additional 3.5 million doses of the vaccination have been ordered to treat the growing amount of people suffering from the virus (Phillips). In efforts to prevent the contraction of the disease to begin with, government officials are encouraging efforts as small as the use of insect repellent, or bug spray, to avoid catching the disease. It is expected that the virus will eventually subside due to these treatments, but the end of this current outbreak seems to be a long way off.

In order to exterminate this virus in Brazil, there will need to be more availability of vaccinations. Also, transportation must be kept to a minimum in order to prevent the spread of the virus to more people. Even though some transportation is mandatory, excessive use of boats, buses, trains, and airplanes should be avoided. Since December, Yellow Fever has spread rapidly out of small rural areas and into large cities and towns such as Rio de Janeiro, one of the most populated cities in all of Brazil. In a search for new solutions, “Brazil recently announced an agreement between its Bio-Manguinhos vaccine unit and two US companies to research and develop a new yellow fever vaccine” (Jurberg 165). Vaccinations will treat the disease, but the complete avoidance of Yellow Fever through limited transportation is a more efficient and less expensive solution. If travel is absolutely necessary, the vaccine should be administered ten days before travelling (“Yellow Fever-Brazil”). If this outbreak has any chance of being tamed, all efforts must be made terminate the violent spread of this disease before it gets completely out of control.

In order to control this rampant disease, a combination of several treatment methods will need to be used. Numerous vaccinations must be manufactured and administered to everyone who is willing to receive the vaccine. Those who prefer not to receive it should be encouraged to do so in order to defend against infection of individuals and the country as a whole. Citizens of Brazil should also be properly educated on exactly what Yellow Fever is, how it is transmitted, and what they can do to prevent it in order to give them an understanding of what is going on in their country. People must first have a complete interpretation of exactly what is happening before Brazilian officials demand that they receive these vaccinations. Even though it is only a minuscule option, insect repellents should be available to the locals in an effort to control the disease as much as possible. At this point, Brazil is willing to try anything to get this outbreak under control.

Overall, Yellow Fever continues to take a massive toll on Brazil. In order to stop the spread of this deadly disease, Brazil must do everything in its power to control this record high outbreak. As of right now, Yellow Fever is viciously destroying Brazil by claiming one victim at a time. If this outbreak is unable to be discontinued, Brazil will experience the even more violent and cruel aftermath of this ruthless virus. Vaccines, insect repellants, and any other preventative measures need to be taken to ensure that Brazil’s condition does not worsen. Brazil is in a face off with Yellow Fever and they must do everything in their power to eradicate it.

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