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World Literature

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1. Sample of poem (short); five stanzas (min)
Ciquain-(Greek) 5 lines
Quatrain- 4 lines
Sestet- 6 lines
Octave- 8 lines
Two play -2 lines
*gist- summary

*Literature- (tag.) Panitikan
*Wika- (tag.) Balarila
*Pilipino writers- Filipinologist

Literature means:
1. Deals with the ideals, thoughts, and emotion’s of man. 2. Anything that is ever written.
3. (Greek) Litera- Letters
(French) Belles Leteres – Letters
4. It is the best form of understanding a human nature fully and to know a nation completely 5. We learn from the innermost feelings and thoughts of people.

*Records of man’s experience consider as the story of man. *ideas- personal feelings, thoughts

*thoughts- usually think; product of the creativity of mind.

Kinds of literature:
Novel NovelletsSpeeches
PoemShort stories
InstructionsMedical instructions

*Figurative of speech or figurative language
Ex: methapor
Literature means:
1. A faithful reproduction of life
Ex: dejavu- replication on that is happening in our life.
Why? because it is a product, complementary, and documentary of life processes. 2. It illuminates life
* Enlighten; inspiration
* Realization
* Pursuation
* Discovery
* Motivation
* Experiences
3. Life’s story including struggles, ideals, failures, sacrifices, and happiness. *ideals- norms; what we normally follow.
* Literary genre: fiction, non- fiction
4. Appeals to man’s higher thinking
– Reasoning, interpretation
5. Means emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and creative thinking. 6. Entertains and gives pleasures.
-start to cry
– when we are motivated
7. One of the seven arts.
1. music, dance, theater, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature
2. divided into two: visual, performing

June 26, 2012
Qualities of good literature:
1. Artistry- if it appeals to your own sense of beauty.
– Debatable- different opinion
2. Intellectual value- when we start asking questions
– stimulates our mind to think
– stimulates thoughts and enriches mental life by contemplating
– start use of creative thinking.

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3. Suggestiveness- suggest us to be imaginative
– Use of our imagination
4. Spiritual value- helps us to lift our spirit
– It elevates your spirit by bringing out more values
– following ethical standard of life
5. Permanence- it is read again and again
6. Universality- timeless and timely
* Timely – always applicable

Several ways of studying literature:
* It has thematic value – we learn from the theme
* It has its own topic , theme, and subject matter
* For entertainment value – to give pleasure
* For the richness of its plot
* Plot – the storyline
* For the comparison with other works
* We gain more ideas
* Dilution of granture- we start to imagine
* For the ideas it contains
* For its emotional power
* For the author’s unique use of language
* Unique use of language (ex: poem)
* Use of figurative language
* Reflection of life itself

Poetry means:
* Literary attempts to share a lot of personal experience and feelings * Subject matter poet personal life and people around it
* Disturbing insights or ideas
* Different understanding or interpretation
* The language is fresh, timely, and images.
* Gives reader delights

Basic definition of the poetry:
* Is a concentrated thoughts
* It is a kind of word music (lyrics)
* Expresses only senses
* Five senses:
* Visual-sightoptics
* Haptics tactile- touch
* Olfactory- smell
* Gustatory – taste
* Aural auditory –hearing
* Answers our demand for rhythm
* Observatory plus imagination

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