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Women's Rights Essay Introduction

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Throughout life, Women have been experiencing a kind of situation where they do not receive equal rights as men. It is a spread of nationalism and it brings awareness to several of people. A majority group of women from different countries, races, cultures and languages speak of situations where they have been abused, threatened, victimized, mistreated and judged based on their appearance and capabilities. In spite that it is an issue, women perform their behavior in a different kind manner from fear and the decisions they make will change their life drastically.

This is a form of crime where a woman faces violence that they do not deserve, whether it is in public or in a private context. There is a huge difference between the treatments both men and women receive. The fact that they are both different genders, these difference include their privilege to vote, their power of their political, their figure in what they are as an individual and their social engagement.

It has become a huge impact in today’s society and from the past years, considering, that it has changed the world’s views and aspects towards women.

However, women fight for their equal rights and their self determination as a mother and as an individual woman. During their movement, it has impacted the society and their hard work has finally paid off it includes their suffrage, movements and their discrimination which now Women can do anything. The issue of women’s rights has become a widespread.

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Over the eighteen hundreds, women from different countries around the world such as China, Afghanistan, Brazil, India, the U. S and plenty of more countries, have had a huge impact towards a women, and until now it still has. Millions of women in every society struggled to strive for their equal rights in their country and their roles which would benefit them to redefine their lives. It involves their education and their access to political. In many cases women faces obstacles pertaining about “pregnancy, abortion, childbirth, HIV, reproductive tract infections and AIDS”, this is considered sex slavery.

In this situation, it brings a daunting decision for a woman to face and overcome these obstacles, considering the fact that it may risk their lives or their health, internally and emotionally. Although, women’s fight for themselves, to gain respect and their freedom from this abusive sexual behavior to regain their dignity and justice. For example, Susan B. Anthony is one of the most well known person that supported Women’s Rights, regarding how she stood up for herself and for the entire group of women that is facing this kind of crisis, which she faced at the Declaration of Rights in July 1876.

Susan quotes that “We ask justice, we ask equality, we ask that all the civil and political rights that belong to citizens of the United States, be guaranteed to us and our daughter’s forever. ” She was the leader of the union where she gathered a majority group of women to fight for what they believed was right! It included blacks and any sort of races. In contrast, Women were treated as if they were toy machines that obeyed their husband’s every desire. Basically, they were known as an image of a housewife.

All they ever did was to cook, take care of their child including their family and did all the house chores, thus, if they were bored their hobby included sewing, their husbands were in control of their wages and lives. During that century, no one took an advice from women nor listened to what they had to say, concerning the fact that it was more than 15 countries all over the world. Women were looked down upon in the modern world; men had so much power against women.

They believed that women are weak simply because of their appearance and their judgment about their capabilities, which they also believed that they are an easy target to rape. This situation that is occurring revolved around the world, how the treatment, misuse and abusive manner happen every day in a women’s life. The fact that men have a greater power; they abused this power to mistreat their wife or individual women, due to their different genders. Especially, how their husbands were given the right to beat their wives when they were angry at them also they had the privilege to lock them in a basement or wherever.

For instance, during the 1960’s some housewives had the opportunity to vote and women did not get equal pay as men did when they worked. In addition, men receive greater opportunities than women, compared to women, they receive fewer opportunities. Therefore, women fought for themselves to rebel against their oppression, because of this controversial act. A majority group of women formed together to end this crisis, that they called their group “The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies” (NUWSS) which all began in the year of 1869 in New York.

A majority group of women went on protest to fight their beliefs as an individual for their equal rights. One of the situations they fought included their right to vote. It gave an illustration of the comparison to blacks and the rights of women. During the 1870’s, blacks were granted to vote while women were not, considering that women had to stay home to do the house chores while their husband went away and voted even if they weren’t interested in this.

One of the Women that stood up for their gender and fought for this was, Elizabeth Cady Stanton she was the president of this, during the time of day along with Susan B. Anthony. As for every other woman, they all had their own beliefs in this situation; some were okay with this while some were not. Women’s that were involved and known as a suffragist, marched holding bans pertaining about their rights uphill and downhill they encouraged every other people to join them.

In 1920 finally their hard work finally paid off, women were granted to vote however their privilege to work outside and their desires to get a higher education were not granted. Nevertheless, a movement in 1963, The National Organization of Women was formed by a group of women under the creed “to take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men”.

This movement is a group of women who protested in what they believed was right for themselves. In recent years, their main focus in what they were doing was to receive equal payment like men, war protest for their rights. It included the same rights they wanted to obtain like how men were treated also how they in general should be treated like. They demanded equal rights such as the same job opportunities that will be opened up for them; political structure, social security and education should be granted.

Several of Women demanded the rights of health services and the education they should receive. They opposed this through regulation and legislation amendment. An example, how women can do the same jobs as men is when men were assassinated in World War II. Women took over their jobs in a good term. This illustrates how women can be proven that their capabilities shouldn’t be judged. Unfortunately, when some of the men came back women were back in their old self, doing what they normally do.

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