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Will Men and Women ever be Equal?

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 7 (1623 words)
Categories: Emotion, Gender, Psychology, Society, Women
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I can agree when the statement is made about gender equality it is said that gender equality refers to equal treatment of individuals based on their gender. Being equal does not mean that women and men are the same. It means that they have equal value and should be accorded equal treatment. This therefore means that women, men, girls and boys should enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. This does not require that girls, boys, women and men be the same.

I choose to write about this topic for different reasons but to be honest this is a debate that me and my significant other have all the time. I tell her all the time we are just going to agree to disagree. Are women equal to men? Some people would say yes others would say no. I can say this openly but will it change the minds of others, probably not. There will always be that double standard, we raise our children in a way that boys are allowed to do this but little girls should not do the same things as the boys.

We want our boys to be rough, tough and get a few scar because it will make you stronger. We raise our little girls to play with dolls, easy bake ovens and don’t go outside and get dirty. That is the double standard that will never change. But I can honestly say that as parents we always tell our children that they can grow up and be whatever they want to be. Women often argue that they are equal to men. When they are asked what makes them equal to men they say that they can anything that men do for example they can be engineers, lawyers, doctors etc. They cite that these factors make them equal or they should at least be considered equal. What women are saying is that their ability to perform in masculine duties should be used to judge their equality to men.

There are some people that always like to point out the obvious differences between men and women such as biological and anatomic factors. Biological differences include chromosomes, brain structure, reproductive and hormonal differences. They also have differences in physical strengths. Men are more physically stronger, more aggressive. On the other hand, women usually have the ideal of inner dignity which is often confused for weakness while the truth is that dignity is stronger than the any aggressive physical force.

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Now let’s get in to the ways that women are treated differently than men. These are just a few ways that is more expectable in society for women and not men. Women are able to show emotions in public because it is said that women act off emotion so it’s common. When you have a man that shows emotion he is labeled weak in today’s society. I know most of the women that I work with all of them are in the army says that showing emotion in public make them look like the weaker sex and keep them out of getting leadership roles. The legal system clearly shows how women and men are not equal. If a crime is committed a man is given a harsher punishment than women, because law see it as women were thinking with their emotions and feelings; as for a man the law would say he was thinking rationally instead of with his emotions.

The law usually works in favor of the woman 85% of the time which does not give a lot of room for error. I have experience the wrath of the law myself I have an eight year old son and every time I get a raise in pay his mother takes me back to court to get an increase in child support and it’s not like she needs the money. Now we both make over $55,000 so that means our child should not go without. I do all the same things she does for my son but the legal systems has it where if the mother wants child supports she gets even if the father is doing for his child. These are just a few ways that women have it a little easier than men.

I can say there will always be some type of imbalance between women in men. In some areas it unfair to women, take for instance the work place. I have read that there are fifty or sixty different things that women have to experience in the work place. These are all statements from different women that have been interviewed in different lines of work. Women are more likely to get lower initial offers. In another study using identical resumes, female scientists were offered a starting salary of $26,500, and men were offered $30,200. “Hiring managers will offer a slightly lower salary because they think they can get away with it,” says Rhodes. And because women are often so grateful to get the position, she says they are less likely to negotiate the offer, which compounds and perpetuates the cycle of lower pay. The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match.” And I can agree with the statement that Rhodes made because that happen for me.

My co- worker and I were hired around the same time they started her out with $45,000 and started me at $48,379. We had about the same amount of experience but they offered us different I never said anything to my co-worker because I didn’t want to cause confusion. Women get promoted on performance, and men get promoted on potential. Research shows that women must prove that they are capable of succeeding in a role before they are promoted into it, whereas men may be promoted on their perceived potential. That means men often move up faster in organizations. When women show anger, they are often judged as too emotional. Research shows that both men and women think women should be nice and kind and nurturing. When men show anger it looks like strength, but when women do the same, they are perceived as too emotional and out of control. “The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match.”

Women are often interrupted or ignored in meetings. Especially when there are only one or two women around the table, their voices can easily go unheard. Rhodes says it’s very common that others may interrupt them, finish their sentences, or not give them the focus and subtle encouragement to continue. More frustrating is when a woman offers her idea, and no one responds. Then, a few minutes later, a man in the room presents the same idea, and only then is it heard and received well.

These are things that stuck out to me because they happen on a daily bases, not only that I have witnessed these thing happening and really never thought anything about it because society allowed it to go on for so long. There have been many changes over the last fifty years but there are still large amounts of stereotypes for men and women. Still today commercials have women in more domestic rolls and as for men we are in more of non-domestic rolls. There have been studies showing that 66% of domestic commercials involve women and men represent 70% of non-domestic advertisement. In advertisement it show that all women should be domestic and make themselves beautiful to get attention of men and it show all men as strong, liking sports and beer. One of the things I have noticed throughout my military career is that there are numerous of different standards for woman. I will start of by talking about the physical training test now if you look at the chart for the men we physically have to do more push-up sit-up and run a two miles faster than the woman but there has never been a debate on we should be equal to the men and have the standards the same across the board. The biggest issue is women in combat.

Women in the Army are not allowed to hold certain Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), because the feel as women in combat would be a distraction to the men. I have not witnesses this but studies show that if a woman is injured in combat a male soldier is more likely to rush to aide a female soldier instead of moving forward with the mission. Not saying that the soldiers will be left behind but that what the medics is there for. I have seen parts of combat but have not had women in my platoon so what I would do in the situation I don’t know but I know that we are all Soldiers and we all bleed green. To be honest I think society should treat us equals but there some things that most women can’t do and there are quite a few things that men can’t handle. Women and men will never be equal because society will never allow us to be equal. I will say this my girlfriend expects me to cut her yard every weekend and I asked her why she can’t do it herself and she tells me it’s a man job to get out there to do all of the yard work. Women will say all day they want to be equal as men, but I tend to disagree. I say that women only want to be equal as men when it’s convenient to them or when it’s in the public.

dsnook. (2009, Feb. 23). Gender stereotypes in media [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com (2011, Oct. 26). Reinforcing gender stereotypes through advertising [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com “The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match.” Sonya Rhodes, Susan Schneider

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