Why School Should Start Later Essay

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Why School Should Start Later

Don’t you hate waking up so early in the morning? Every weekday, school students are waking up around 6′ o clock in the morning to get ready for school, some even earlier. It is not practical for high school classes to begin at seven-thirty in the morning. It is just too early for teenage minds to function properly. Our school day should start at 9′ o clock in the morning. With this extra time, attendance, grades, and attitudes would improve. So, this would be a great theory to test out. One of the obvious reasons for starting school later is to allow teenagers’ brains to rest. When students rest their minds, they perform better afterwards. This may also lead to teens being less emotional and irritable throughout the day due to the fatigue. Therefore, more rest, especially in the morning, will provide a better school environment for all.

While many people say that if schools start later, kids would stay up longer and goof off, but they are wrong. As a teenager, we have many expenses. Consequently, a job is essential. However, handling a job and school work is tricky. In addition, having that extra hour and a half in the morning can help significantly. The Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement, at the University of Minnesota, conducted a study on the impact of changing school start times on academic performance, behavior, and safety. The results showed that attendance improved after the school’s start time was changed. Also, there was an increase in continuous enrollment at schools, which meant the drop-out rate decreased.

Most obvious, there was less tardiness from the students. Teachers at these schools said, and I quote, “The students were more alert in class, their behavior improved, and there were fewer disciplinary referrals to the office.” All in all, I along with many students, believe that our school should adopt this schedule of beginning our school day at nine’ o clock in the morning. With the results of better grades, better attendance, and better behavior, like I said, our school would have a better environment. What is the use of trying to teach kids that can not comprehend the lessons? Sending kids to school before they have had time to wake up, will only result in them not having the ability to learn to their full potential.

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