Why Oprah Inspires Me?

Oprah has been a big inspiration to my life because she didn't let her pass interfere with her future. She grew up in a poor and dangerous neighborhood with her teenage mother and no father present. She was molested when she was nine years old by men in her family. Her mother worked several jobs having no time to supervise her.

Long after she became pregnant at the age of 14. When it became time to deliver her son, he was born prematurely and died.

In her early twenties, Oprah turned to sex and drugs. She used them as a way to cope with the obstacles she was facing. After all of the trouble, she went to live with her father in Tennessee. He was strict, he provided her with guidance, books, and structure. He would assign her to do week book reports and learn five words each day. In high school she became an excellent student, participating in clubs and extracurricular activities.

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She won a full scholarship to Tennessee State University and was invited to the White House conference. After she graduated college, she was moved to a morning talk show as one of the speakers. She moved to Chicago and became an anchor for the A.M. Chicago morning show. A producer saw her and thought she would be a good actress for a movie he was producing called the "The Color Of Purple''. She became popular due to the movie, won an award, and started her own production company called ''Harpo Inc".

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She played in more movies, started other companies, and now has the highest-rated television program and is one of the richest black African American women. I can relate to this because currently, I'm living in a dangerous poor community, in a section 8 apartment with a single parent. We survive off government benefits such as food stamps.

We live in a city where lives are taken every day and people are afraid they won't make it out of poverty due to fear of being next to die. I've been depressed before and I've always thought about giving up on education but I feel like I've come too far to give up now. I want to be so successful in life that I forget what bad times even felt like. Learning more and open my mind to new things not only education-wise is something that I would like to do. Oprah motivates me to keep pushing forward, set high goals, and give my all to accomplish them. Her story lets me know that if she can do I can do, all it takes is effort. Her story taught me that it's never the end of anything and everything is always just beginning.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022
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