Why is science important Essay

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Why is science important

From an early age, we interact with our environment, asking questions and seeking answers. This question-and-answer process lies at the heart of knowing and doing science. It is a way of knowing and thinking about the natural and physical components of the world in which we live.The importance of science in our daily lives may not be obvious, yet we make science-based choices every day.

Science is involved when we choose what to eat, or choose products with the least impact on the environment or make informed decisions about our health-care. Science is the foundation of an innovative culture and at the core of significant political decisions.

Understanding science is crucial for all Canadians so we can be informed and active in our country’s future.Let’s Talk Science uses science as a learning platform to provide programs and services that develop an understanding of science and the role and impact it has in our lives. Active, hands-on/minds-on experiences, as well as research and problem-solving opportunities, build an understanding of what it means to know science. Doing science develops our ability to ask questions, collect information, organize and test our ideas, problem-solve and apply what we learn.

Even more, science is a platform for building confidence, developing communication skills, and making sense of the world around us. Read more about how we learn to maximize the learning experiences of children.Science is part of our daily lives: all day, every day, everywhere we go. Our personal lives are real world contexts for learning science and understanding the impact of science on our lives.

Everyone can become engaged in science by way of linking daily personal experiences to science, regardless of where they live, how they live or what language they speak. Our knowledge of science comes from the contributions of many different cultures and people. Access to science education develops confidence and positive self-image for all learners, regardless of culture, gender, race, social class or religious beliefs

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