Why Higher Education and College Should Be Free

How would you feel if you weren't able to get an education because you were less fortunate than others? Odds are you would feel omitted. It is completely unfair for someone to be denied education purely because the family they were born into is poor. If everyone wants equal rights, then why can’t everyone be able to have an education? Education is a crucial aspect needed to be successful. Higher free education would provide everyone a fair game at life.

The opposing view is people should have to pay for education. This view brings up the fact that someone has to pay for education. It would be selfish to make taxpayers pay for everyone’s education. People should own up to their responsibilities and earn what they have in life. But even being faced with this view, I still believe that education being free will provide more positive effects than negative.

One of the biggest reasons student’s dropout of college is because of cost.

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College is very expensive. With the cost of tuition, books, supplies, transportation, and other personal expenses it adds up. When in college, you are still learning how to spend money rationally and save. This pressure of needing money while having to pay for all of the university needs becomes stressful. This is the reason why less than two-thirds graduate with a degree, and 30% of first-year students drop out after their first year of school.

With higher education being free, this would provide us with a more educated workforce.

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We could benefit greatly from this. More people would attend college. This means that a higher amount of people would go through all 4 or more years of college and receive their degrees. This would strengthen our society and create positive effects. A better-educated population could result in smarter decision-making at every level of society, which could lead to faster progress in solving our most difficult, collective challenges.

Another positive outcome of higher education being free is that there would be a higher level of happiness and health. The cost of college is a significant cause of stress. If colleges were free, this would create a higher level of happiness and health because the stress of money would be gone. Stress is not healthy for your mental health or your physical body. Overall, this would create a more optimistic group of students.

Lastly, with higher education being free it would reduce the unemployment rate. Unemployment can have a devastating impact on any household and the economy. With free education, more people would graduate college. This would reduce the unemployment rate because more people would qualify for jobs. Therefore, society would strengthen and the economy would go up.

In conclusion, colleges should be free of charge because many students cannot get into college because of financial pressure. Some positives of this include less stress, there would be a more educated workforce, there would be a higher level of happiness and health and it would reduce unemployment. Overall this matter would help benefit the nation and could lead to better development and advances in everything.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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