Why do you want to teach for a high need school?

Everyone has progressed to where they are in life today because they had a great teacher. According to Webster’s dictionary, a teacher is someone who teaches or gives instruction. This is such a simple definition, but the reality to it is that teaching is so much more complicated and rewarding, especially if you want to make a difference in these children’s lives. Although this statement is true in general, it magnifies much more when you look at the situation in these high need areas that need great teachers.

These schools have difficulty retaining teachers. Children in these high need areas come from very different backgrounds, and face various difficulties, such as economic, social, and family problems that can detract from their focus on education. In my opinion, it is not fair for a child to deal with all these problems and deal with school at the same time, which is why I want to help guide these kids, and get involved in their lives to give them some kind of direction to follow, so once they leave the class they are not lost.

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These high need schools have stigmas attached to them in order to intimidate teachers, such as overcrowding, a high frequency of crime, difficult kids, and limited resources. This is why teaching in these high need areas is not for everybody. However, these difficulties don’t intimidate me, I want to approach the problem, help solve it and give it my best, and I know that your program will give me the necessary tools and guidance, for me to do it.

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Furthermore, I want to teach in high need areas because I grew up and went to school in a high need area, so it holds a place close to my heart. My parents came from Sri Lanka when I was one, and I remember growing up here, not having any money, eating beans and rice every day, and I remember the situation taking away from my education, but I was lucky that I had great teachers and great parents that kept me in line and taught me what is important, and because of them I was able to graduate from UCLA with all the odds stacked against me when I was growing up.

However everyone is that lucky, this is one reason why I want to be there and help as many kids as I can, and help them realize and fulfill their dreams so that they don’t fall prey to the turmoil’s of this world. I also feel that coming from this background will help me relate to the kids more and understand more of what they are going through. During and since I graduated from college I have tutored many students, ranging from the subjects of beginning algebra to calculus. I especially helped students who were struggling and having difficulties of following procedures of solving problems.

However from all my tutoring experience I observed that these students all have a sense of curiosity and a desire to learn. I strongly believe that I can nurture these students’ interests to flourish with my passion, dedication, perseverance, and love of teaching especially to these at risk students. As a teacher, not only would I like to care for my student’s intellectual growth, but I also would like to demonstrate concern for their personal and emotional needs by advising them to their best interests.

I also want to make myself available to my students, both inside and outside of class by creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Teaching in high need schools can be demanding and intimidating for many individuals, however with my love of teaching and with the help of future professional developmental skills that I am looking forward to learn from your program, these attributes will challenge me to improve my desire to be a great teacher. This will be a great opportunity for me to share my profession, knowledge, outstanding skills, talents and love for teaching that I have for at risk students.

What makes me a good fit for the LAUTR program is my motivation, and my desire to become a great teacher so I can help those kids in need. The LAUTR program will give me the correct tools that I need, such as taking master's level classes in education, credential classes, and the most important, meeting with my mentor teacher. Meeting with my mentor teacher and working alongside with him or her will give me the critical knowledge that I need to accelerate my professional growth in teaching competencies and skills.

I will also be able to strategize and learn by observing my mentor teacher teaching, as often as possible. I also plan on taking an active role in meeting with my mentor and opening up the lines of communication with him or her, and I won’t hesitate to ask for time to meet with my mentor instead of waiting for him or her to reach out to me. When I graduate from LAUTR, I will have all the tools that I need to fix the problems going on in the classrooms of these high need schools.

I hope that you consider that I found out about LAUTR late, and I was squeezed in the last minute so I didn’t realize that Before I find out this program I had already completed the first two CSETS for math, and the CBEST, and I was just planning on applying for the regular credential program because I was unaware that there was a program like LAUTR, so I never took the third CSET because it didn’t seem necessary at the time and also for financial reasons, so that is why I have not completed it yet. I only found out about the program three days ago, so it was already past the test date for the CSET (III) in March.

However, I am a math major, and since I am considered for your prestigious program, I will take the test in May and I know I will pass it because I am very familiar with the material. So I just want whoever considers me to know that. Also my GPA for the last 90 quarter units is only 2. 67, so I will submit a request for the special actions committee to review my case, and I will provide them with the appropriate documents and a detailed explanation why my GPA is so low. Thank you for considering me with all these factors.

Updated: Aug 10, 2021
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