Teach Character Education in Our Worldwide School Curriculum

This article points out the potential impact character building can have on young people, while also acknowledging how character building would waste precious curriculum time, dedicated specifically to learning. Former Director of the New Schools Network, a free school’s charity and Author Toby Young, shares his viewpoints by elaborating how moral traits such as Altruism, honesty and compassion, simply just can’t be taught to someone. He explains that moral traits are only inherited, thus asserting character education in place of valuable learning time, is seemingly pointless.

This article is especially helpful to those who believe in more “traditionalist” values; However, it should be noted that Young doesn’t provide his audience with any type of statistic or visual, to further prove his assertion; the irrelevance of character building in schools, thus making his overall article less reliable for his audience to follow.

In this Article, the author focuses on the issue regarding the consequences of Teaching Character building in universities.

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This author asserts that teaching students to “look up on the bright side of things “according to his definition of character education, in no way will close the confidence gap between struggling students and their peers. In his own examination, Author David Matthews did an analysis, in which he looked at calls for universities to try to teach their students resilience, to which he exclaimed the failure the outcome had been. The author goes on further to state his beliefs, exclaiming that training someone to be resilient isn’t the same as teaching them about the world, this is a common misconception advocates of Character education believe.

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This being said, Mathews could’ve made his argument stronger by showing statistics of his subjects of whom he evaluated of “poorer classes” , and the dramatic effect character education impacted their lives… was there a higher graduation rate, was there a lower crime rate? This article may be most helpful to individuals

In this editorial, our authors assert character education need not be valuable to add into our educational curriculums, but rather be the source of our curriculum. This article points out the valuable life skills character education had on students, while also acknowledging the effectivity character education, as seen with the teaching of core values “trustworthiness, respect, and responsibility…” dramatically effects students of all ages. To the Great Schools Staff, Character education to them is far more precious to the well being of a young person, than Calculus and Algebra, and they claim this by asserting we begin teaching character just as if its as important as another core class. The Great Schools authors, use a valuable source which evaluates the success of The Giraffe Project, a Character based organization involving animals, that teaches children valuable character lessons. This article may be especially helpful to school board leaders of whom may be considering teaching Character education in their schools, as this article really shines a positive light on character education.

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