Why Do So Many Managers Forget They’re Human Beings?

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The workplace can be a cruel place. People often forget that it is supposed to be a place where people come to collaborate and share skills to attain a common goal; however, there are those who see it more of a den of thieves or a gladiator’s stadium. In this environment, the sheer vileness within the human core tends to seep out, simply because the wrong people wield power over the many. However leadership is not about pressing your colleagues, face down into the mud until they bleed, rather it is about using your natural talents to positively encourage others to assist in making a company successful and highly productive.

Leadership Ideals

There are many theories on leadership which are circulating in the business world. To each his own, right? Wrong! Not when these theories cause more wrong than good. Not when there is a steady rise in workplace-related sickness, violence and suicide. For many, this means having to unlearn the erroneous concepts that propagate these deprave behaviors or rather simply relearning how to be humane again.

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There is greater power in fostering an environment and building teams on the ideal of building personal bonds among employees. True lasting relationships, foster loyalty, trust and job satisfactoriness. They make for less stress in the workplace and engender collaboration and creativity. We are in the times of the millennials. They are now the dominant group in the job market. This group is not simply impressed by having a constant and reliable paycheck.

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They are looking farther and operate from intrinsic motivational factors. Theirs is a journey towards happiness on every level.

There is a torrid misconception proliferating in the realms of the workplace. That is, over seventy percent of managers actually believe that they are great and inspiriting and motivational. While on the flip side, sixty-five percent of employees report that they have horrible bosses whom they would rather see fired than getting a raise. Another survey, reports that an overwhelming eighty-two percent of employees think their managers are grossly without any passion.

Many leaders fail to understand a very basic correlation between motivation and loyalty. Even though employees require money to abate their basic needs, they are more likely to show greater satisfaction and loyalty if they are treated better and encouraged to perform. We all want to be happy all the time. We all want to be connected to the people around us. No one wants to be made to feel inferior in any way or miserable at the thought of spending majority of their days with people who make them feel worthless.

It is time that workplace leaders grasp the common concepts of performance linked to motivation linked to engagement linked to happiness and loyalty. It is time that leaders lead from a place of understanding the intrinsic motivational factors of their employees. This is something that many progressive global leaders in business are actively pursuing. LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook, and Starbucks get this concept and so should many others follow their lead. Just look how successful they are.


Leaders must lead from the front and be an obvious example of what a positive organizational culture should be. This is a sure fire way of having the rest of the troops fall in line. If managers see their boss depicting a particular behavior towards them, there is a greater possibility that they will exercise the same to those under their supervision.

Self-awareness is key. Being personable is key. Being selfless can only benefit the collective. Leaders must portray positive characteristics that will be equally admired and respected. Good leadership does not have to be an abstract thought which requires weeks of sitting in a workshop to grasp. It goes back to very basic ideals which have been taught throughout our lifetime, that are integral characteristics that makes us human beings and which are reflected in all aspects of modern society.

Updated: Aug 10, 2021
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Why Do So Many Managers Forget They’re Human Beings? essay
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