Who’s Fault Is It: Who Is To Blame For Romeo and Juliet Death

Romeo & Juliet is written by William shakespeare and the main characters follows their heart and they die end of the play. Romeo is 16 year old and he’s an Montague. and Juliet is 13 old and she’s an Capulet. There is a big fight between these two families. The main question is ’’who is guilt of their death?’’

I think it’s families fault because they are not letting Romeo and Juliet be together.’’Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why do have to be Romeo? Forget about your father and change your name.

Or else, if you won’t change your name, just swear you love me and I’ll stop being a Capulet’’In this quotation they know that their family won’t let them be together so they are trying to find an idea to be together.’’Damn you, useless girl! Disobedient wretch! I’ll tell you what. Get yourself to the church on Thursday or never look me in the face again.

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Don’t speak to me, don’t reply, don’t answer. I feel like I could hit you. My wife, we thought we had been meagerly blessed having just this one child, but now I see that this one alone is too much, and we’re cursed to have her. Curse you, you beast!’’In this quotation Juliet’s family forcing her to marry Paris. Let’s say the families are not in fight, Romeo and Juliet will be married without any difficulty that’s why İ think it’s families fault.

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It also can be Friar lawrence’s fault because he is the one who gave the idea of poison.Hold on, then. Go home, be cheerful, and tell them you agree to marry Paris. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Tomorrow night make sure that you are alone. Don’t let the Nurse stay with you in your bedroom. (showing her a vial) When you’re in bed, take this vial, mix its contents with liquor, and drink. Then a cold, sleep-inducing drug will run through your veins, and your pulse will stop. Your flesh will be cold, and you’ll stop breathing. The red in your lips and your cheeks will turn pale, and your eyes will shut. It will seem like you’re dead. You won’t be able to move, and your body will be stiff like a corpse. You’ll remain in this deathlike state for forty-two hours, and then you’ll wake up as if from a pleasant sleep. Now, when the bridegroom comes to get you out of bed on Thursday morning, you’ll seem dead. Then, as tradition demands, you’ll be dressed up in your best clothes, put in an open coffin, and carried to the Capulet family tomb. Meanwhile, I’ll send Romeo word of our plan. He’ll come here, and we’ll keep a watch for when you wake up. That night, Romeo will take you away to Mantua. This plan will free you from the shameful situation that troubles you now as long as you don’t change your mind, or become scared like a silly woman and ruin your brave effort. In this quotation friar lawrence explaining her the idea and trying to make her accept his plan.Love will give me strength, and strength will help me accomplish this plan. Goodbye, dear Father.In this quotation Juliet accepts the idea of the poison.

It also can be Romeo’s fault. I mostly think Romeo and Juliet are the one guilty because they are teenagers and they can’t think properly. Also Romeo was in love with Rosaline even he doesn't know who is he in love with.From now on, you are banished from Verona. You should be able to endure this because the world is broad and wide.In this quotation Friar lawrence is explaining that Romeo got banished. He’s alive and victorious, and Mercutio’s dead? Enough with mercy and consideration. It’s time for rage to guide my actions. Now, Tybalt, you can call me “villain” the way you did before. Mercutio’s soul is floating right above our heads. He’s waiting for you to keep him company on the way up to heaven. Either you, or I, or both of us have to go with him. In this quotation Romeo challenges Tybalt and Tybalt dies. Romeo gets banished because he kills Tybalt. Banishment of Romeo affected everything. If he didn’t got banished that means didn’t kill Tybalt everything could have been better.

Also Mercutio can be guilty for taking Romeo to the party where he met Juliet. I think if Mercutio didn't took Romeo to that party Romeo wasn’t going to met Juliet and nothing was going to happen. The beautiful Rosaline whom you love so much will be at Capulet’s traditional feast, along with every beautiful woman in Verona. Go there and compare her objectively to some other girls I’ll show you. The woman who you think is as beautiful as a swan is going to look as ugly as a crow to you. In this quotation Mercutio trying to help Romeo,he’s trying to make him forget about his first love and find another woman, get him out of depression. I’ll go with you. Not because I think you’ll show me anything better, but so I can see the woman I love. In this quotation Romeo accept Mercutio’s idea and he think that there’s no one more beautiful than Rosaline.

In my opinion Mercutio, Romeo, Friar lawrence and families are the ones who are to blame. I’m going to change the question to ’’Who affect them the most and made them suicide?’’ I would say families because they didn’t let them be together and forced them to do other things like getting married with another person(Paris). I say everything gets worse and worse because of families. Romeo and Juliet had a lot pressure so they decided to suicide. They had walls between them but that wasn’t an obstacle.The only obstacle was the families. The story could have been an happy story.

Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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