What Was the Mayflower Compact and What Is Its Significance in American History?

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The Mayflower Compact had great significance to American history. The compact kept peace for the people of Plymouth and set limits to the pilgrims. The signing was a historic event and was depicted in writings and pictures. The Mayflower Compact was an extremely important part of American history.

There were many pictures and writings that depict the signing of the Mayflower Compact and how important it was to the Pilgrims. In the picture by Allyn Cox, the Pilgrims are gathered inside the Mayflower and writing the compact.

The painter was for the creation of the document and it impacted the painting in the fact that there is no aggression between the pilgrims and the Indians. The painting represents a good description of what the scene could have been like when signing the document. The painter shows all points of view in order to present a fair standing of what could happen. In the painting it has the women doing chores and taking care of the children while the men were deciding the fate of the colony.

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There have been many significant documents in American history, the Mayflower Compact being one of them. The document was a contract that the colonists would follow in order to survive and prosper. Originally the colonists were set to land in present day Virginia but storms forced them off course and made them land at Cape Cod and create the colony there. Since the king only warranted that the pilgrims settle in the Colony of Virginia, they settled in present day Massachusetts and wrote the compact.

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In conclusion, the mayflower compact was a significant document to American history. The document allowed the pilgrims to organize and survive even though they didn’t land where they intended. It allowed the colonists to have a general Idea of rules to follow and how to survive on their own. The art of this era has also depicted the event in many ways but with a general idea of the colonists working together to survive with help from the Native Americans.

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What Was the Mayflower Compact and What Is Its Significance in American History?

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