MM Technology: Impact on Daily Life

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Machine to machine technology is any technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without human involvement. ( n.d.) Its main purpose it to tap into sensor data and transmit it to a public network. Mainly it has the components including sensors, RFID, Wi-Fi and automated computer software programmed to help the networked device to interpret data and make decisions. This system is mostly used for warehouse management purposes and for supply chain management to track the inventory movements.

Big Data Analytic

Big Data Analytic is an analytical tool with a complex process of examining large and varied data sets to interpret the results from their hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends and customer preferences to help the organizations to make decisions. (Efraim Turban, 2013) This helps the business organizations to make decisions by analyzing a set of data in which the company can be benefited by identifying new business trends, new customer preferences and trends, effective marketing strategies, strategies to get competitive advantages over the competitors etc.

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Cloud computing and cloud security

Cloud computing refers to a general term for anything that involves delivering cloud-based services over the internet.

Cloud security refers providing multi levels of controls within the network system to provide continuity and protection for cloud-based assets such as websites and web applications within the organization itself.

 Occupational Fraud

Occupational fraud is a type of fraud committed by an employee against the employer. This can happen as inappropriate use or misuse and theft of the organization's property, assets, or other resources, damages the organizational properties, corruptions or personal gains, misrepresenting the organization in financial and legal matters by falsifying the financial statements and other documents etc.

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 Botnets and spear phishing

Botnet refers to a set of computers connected with each other in a for a malicious purpose. Computers within a botnet is known as a bot. These bots together create a network including all these computer networks, in which it is controlled and operated by an unknown individual or a group and it used to transfer malware, spam, or to launch network attacks. So that a botnet is also known as a zombie army. ( n.d.)

Spear phishing refers to an email-spoofing attack which targets an organization or an individual, aiming for unauthorized access to sensitive information of them. They are very much likely to be done by an assassin for financial gains and specially to gain trade secrets.

Social engineering and BYOD

Social engineering can be expressed as an attack based on human involvements and it also involves in manipulating data used by people to break the security policies and procedures to gain access to the network systems, physical locations and to have financial gains. These techniques are widely used by the threat actors to hide their real identities and to motivate others and pretend themselves as a trusted party or a trusted information source.

BYOD which is referred to the term bring-your-own-device is a set of rules within the organizational IT department to help the employees smart devices such se their personal computers, smartphones, ipads and tablets.

This terms can be vary depending on the user's roles and responsibilities within the organization, and their smart devices, an application used and lot of other factors.

Differences among 3G, 4G and 5G

3G was introduced in 1990s to "the third generation", as it is the third kind of innovation that was introduced as a very economically benefited technolgy associating with mobile devices. It was empowered with short message service and with a download rates of 7.2Mbps. This technology has a frequency band of 1.8-2.5GHz. 3G uses "turbo" codes for the correction of errors while it uses circuit for its operations. ( n.d.)

4G was introduced in 2002 as fourth era remote system. It was an development of 3G technology with empowered speed and many administrations facilities. This technology is capable of interfacing with wireline networks to transfer mulmedia and data. 4G has a frequency band of 2-8 GHz and a bandwidth of 5-20 MHz while its data rate is greater than 20.

The 5G wireless technology will have softwares which can be downloaded from the internet, radio and modulation schemes. 5G guarantees ultra-dependable, quick speeds and high data transmission portable availability with crest paces of 20 times. It is required to give 10 or more Gbps speeds that enable the access to high data transmission with a capacity mixed with media and information administrations required for different industrial and organizational application purposes. ( n.d.)

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 was a huge new data mining system as well as an intelligence system used by the U.S. military in Afghanistan, to understand the Afghan society, and to look for signs of weakness or instability of them. It had the ability to read the Afghan social situation and it helps the U.S. military plot strategy. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency describes that "Nexus 7" as both a data analysis tool and an opportunity to move beyond its traditional, long-range research role into a more active wartime mission. (Efraim Turban, 2013)

How does data mining help I20 achieve its mission?

Data mining helps I20 to identify the Afghan social situation, Identify their weaknesses and instable areas. Since I2O aims to ensure U.S. technological superiority in all areas where information can provide a decisive military advantage, by identifying the social situations and weaknesses, I20 can help the U.S. military to plot their strategies.

What are Nexus 7's data sources?

Nexus 7 uses agencies who produce popular centric data and U.S. spy apparatus as its data sources according to DARPA, what benefits does Nexus 7 provide that could not be realized without it?

Nexus 7 is a far-reaching and revolutionary cultural intelligence. It handles the bulk of the data crunching.

The main unit of Nexus 7 at the headquarters in U.S. handles the bulk of the data crunching which provides useful insights in ways that might not have otherwise been realized.


  • Efraim Turban, L. V. (2013). Information Technology for Management, Advancing Sustainable, Profitable Business Growth. Wiley.
Updated: May 03, 2023
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