What I Do on Last Saturdays Essay

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What I Do on Last Saturdays

My routine on Saturday is consist of my daily duties . The alarm clock always wake me up early in the morning . It is at five O clocks .Then I usually pray to God . First , I always do my morning duties .I always spend the weekend in a simple way . Then I usually go to the bathroom and I brush my teeth ,after that I often take bath and dress up .Then I take a little physical exercise .After taking exercise I seldom go out for a walk in front of my house . There I breathe pure morning air . Then I return home .

After that, I often take breakfast at 7 a.m . After breakfast, I rarely play some indoor games . Then I usually relax for some time then I wash my school shoes .At 10 a.m. I take my meal . Then I rest for fifteen minutes .I seldom watch a television .After my favourite programme finish , I usually play with my little sister Diana .She often ask me to play with her .At 12 p.m. , I sit for my study and complete my homework .

Sometimes I read some books ,after read I usually put my books in the proper place .Then I arrage my time table .almost lunch time , I oftens help my mother to cook and prepare for lunch .After lunch , usually my brother and I will help my mother to wash the dishes . I do not read in the afternoon because at that time I usually busy to iron my school uniform and do prayer to God .Sometimes, my parents will bring me and my siblings to buy grocery and essential goods in shopping mall .

In the evening, I never sleep after 5 p.m because I have to perform prayer unto God . Sometimes I do not have lunch because I did not feel so hungry .If my mother busy to do her housework , I rarely help to taking care of my little sister .Sometimes I help my mother to mops the floor .Almost sunset, I do not go outside until the midnight .After azan completed ,I perform prayer to God.

At night ,I usually sit down to prepare my lessons for the next day.I rarely have a dinner .I usually take my supper at about 9-30 p.m. I go to bed around 11 p.m .Before I going to bed I always wash my face, hands and feet . I fall in a sound sleep .

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