What Are the Benefits of Physical Education in School?

Today most of us carry on with a hectic way of life and in this manner doing some physical activity to keep ourselves healthy is one of the most extreme significance. Therefore, to make realise people about the importance of physical education, physical activities should be made mandatory in schools. This essay will highlight some main advantages of introducing physical education to schools as a mandatory subject. There are numerous points of interest in presenting physical education at the school level.

The first and the most noteworthy advantage is the ‘improvement in the strength of students. Physical exercises expand the blood course in the body and in this helps in the development of bones and muscles’ (Smith, 2020). Moreover, sports and games offer students a reviving break from their hectic daily schedule of studies and schoolwork. For instance, a short break during school hours gives students a truly necessary break and encourages them towards sports. Secondly, nowadays there is an increasing number of obesity cases among children.

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According to Laker, A. (2003) the main reason for this is that children spend 80% of time in doing indoor activities such as studies or playing on mobiles. Thus, with the introduction of physical education as a mandatory subject all the students will be engaged in some physical exercises that will stretch their body muscles and will help to lower the risk of obesity and this will also increase their life expectancy. Kohl and Cook (2013) reported that Exercises help in discharging endorphin, which is a hormone that improves one’s temperament by lowering pressure and tension.

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Moreover, the investigation indicated that students who engaged with physical exercises reliably will in general rest soundly around evening time and, thus, perform better in school. In addition, Sherman (2018) reported that sports instill some fundamental ability in kids, for example, collaboration and coordination. To insatiate, playing a group activity like cricket or football assists students with understanding the significance of collaboration and teamwork. These abilities will give them a head start when they start their expert life.

In Conclusion, physical education should be made necessary to all students during school time so that all students are fit both physically and mentally’ kids are getting overweight because of the way that they don’t take part in physical activities and are unaware of its importance. Since, children are turning out to be overweight guardians need to have their kids to participate in physical exercises. Making Physical education as a mandatory subject in schools can make student realise about the importance of exercises. References Kohl, H. W., Institute of Medicine (U.S.), & Cook, H. D. (2013). Educating the Student Body:: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School. National Academies Press. Laker, A. (2003). The Future of Physical Education: Building a New Pedagogy. Routledge. Suherman Ayi. (2018). The Implementation Of Character Education Values In Integrated Physical Education Subject In Elementary School. SHS Web of Conferences, 00045. Smith, D. J. (2020). Physical Education: Trends in Secondary School. Educational Leadership, 20(6), 372422. Retrieved February 2020

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What Are the Benefits of Physical Education in School?

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