We Came All The Way From Cuba So You Could Dress This Way

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The protagonist Character in "We Came All the Way from Cuba so You Could Dress this way" by Achy Obejas takes us through her adventure. Beginning with her family’s escape from socialism in their home of Cuba. The hero who is the storyteller of the story gives a first individual perspective. She forms into the solid lady her folks imagined yet, she doesn't have similar ethics, ways of life or political convictions as them. The age hole between her folks and the hero drives them to having the contrary view focuses.

The guardians who were at a grown-up age when they converged with the American culture, while the storyteller was only a little kid when she landed to America. As the story builds up the storyteller takes us forward and backward all through the future to numerous phases of her life to the little young lady at the time she lands in America. She touches base in an emotional manner to an extremely unremarkable scene.

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Through future previews she gives the audience looks of her internal truths. removed from her local land to This isn't the main issue that her and her folks vary in suppositions. The storyteller and her folks were influenced by the American culture in an unexpected way. The storyteller is hunting down her character all through the story. It is extremely troublesome for the hero to locate her actual character with the half and half of both of her societies. What's more, the hero has conflicted with the standard amid this time and memorializes her lesbian undertakings in various recollections.

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She depicts her negative encounters that she has experienced with socio, social, and impacts. Through every last bit of her preliminaries of personality chasing and feeling secure in her skin. The hero indicates constancy all through all affliction and distance and lives by her on accord. The hero has acclimatized her multicultural and indiscriminate encounters to make an incredibly solid Cuban-American lady.

Mixed Cultures

The protagonist came from Cuba where laws, traditions and societies were altogether different from America's. The family was running from their local nation to experience the "American Dream". She thinks back on the scenes throughout her life where her family was not able live in Miami where there was a developing Cuban-American people group. She thinks about whether her family would have had the network of their local culture would her encounters contrast? As indicated by Grener, "The ongoing decades the Cuban people group has become progressively different." The digestion to American culture could have been less demanding in the event that they were in a vigorously Hispanic people group that had a lot of kindred Cuban-Americans.

The storyteller portrayed her contention with "self-versus man" in the story. She discusses her sexuality. Sexuality assumes a noteworthy part in view of the around then to be a lesbian was unacceptable. The protagonist talks about her sexual indiscrimination and past lesbian issues. She reflects in the story the discernment she has of what her mom trusts her way of life will comprise of. She knows her mom will be frustrated with respect to her sexual inclinations. Her mom would love for her to wind up a trophy spouse with a husband and kids carrying on with the perfect hetero way of life. “Owner of appliances and a rolling green lawn; mother of two mischievous children, the wife of a boyishly handsome North American man who drinks Pepsi for breakfast; a career woman with a well-paying job position in local broad casting” (Obejas pg.117). Her dad's fantasy was for the hero to have a compensating future and accomplish status in America "We escaped to here so she can have a future" (Obejas pg. 114). Sadly, the character felt as the dad truly came to America for his own particular plan. The hero faces numerous inward predicaments and battles making her situation much harder and more mind boggling managing numerous levels of non-adjusting to the standard. She can't help contradicting her parent's political perspectives "who buys in to republican governmental issues like my folks" (Obejas pg.).

Self VS Society

The hero as a result of social ethnicity contrasts was set in a custom curriculum rather than ESL classes "Things like doing ineffectively on an IQ test since I didn't communicate in English and getting hurled into a custom curriculum track, where it took secondary school before some person acknowledged I didn't have a place there" (Obejas pg. She encountered racial profiling and was made to feel unaccepted into the way of life. "Things like North Americans telling my mom they didn't do her kind of hair." (Obejas, pg123). the way that the hero was a lesbian and confronted predicaments with respect to her sexual encounters.

Political and social perspectives are have hurt this once affectionate family. Lorenzo, examines on pg. 4 that "the financial achievement and political strengthening of the transient gathering in a solitary age". Clashes have meddled with the closeness and bond between the hero and her family. Toward the finish of the story the hero covers her dad with the help of her mom. She exhibited almost no regret for his passing. Their disparities of feelings of disillusionments on each other's ways of life or decisions made this tragic separation between them. Situational incongruity occurs in the story in light of the fact that the family took a chance with their life to come to America as far as anyone knows to make a superior life for the hero and their family however, it appeared to have devastated the tight family bound that they had when they touched base to America. As per Grener, Cubans are isolated by division and lamentably that division caused a separated family.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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