Voice: Warm Up Exercises to Improve Range

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Vocal warm up exercises follow the same principles as warm up exercises for any other physical activity that will require the intensive use of your muscles. All athletes know that an effective warm up is essential for optimal athletic performance. Many people love to sing but have a hard time hitting notes that may be out of their range and very singer has a range that is the most natural for them to sing in. With practice and vocal exercises, it is possible to raise that natural range.

First of all,focus on the way you are breathing. In order to improve your singing,you need to gain full control over your lungs air capacity, good breathing technique can help you go a long way as a singer. To increase your lung capacity, try this a couple of times a day: breath in then hold for 10 seconds then release the air in a very slow manor, as if you’re breathing out of a thin tube.

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Breath can be easily controlled with the help of this breathing exercise. Then, massage your face, lip, and throat to relax tension.

Have hum an “m” sound gently up and down your voice range to start the vocal warm-up. Next, sing a series of round open vowels such as “Mmmeee-Mmmay-Mmmah-Mmmoe-Mmmoo” on one note and then repeating moving up and down the scale. Remember to check your breathing – relax your tummy muscles outwards as you take a breath in. These exercises will insure properly warmed-up voices.

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you will be amazed how these simple exercises will make voices sound alive and free. Exercise your voice daily.

Breathing exercise and practicing scales will give you the technique and build the muscles to help you extend your vocal range and cause you to have a more strengthen and a better quality of sound. Tips: The best kind of nutrition for the voice is water. Water will do many wonderful things for the voice and is also very essential to your body. Get in shape. You’ll be able to breathe better if you are in good physical health. Avoid screaming when you are singing. To do this, raise the soft palate (as in drinking through a straw or yawning) and place the tone in the mask of the face.

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